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  • 00:00: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen
  • 00:30: yesterday again called in weapons channel the guys asked to make a video about how I simplify the myth about device that can harden to cutting edge of knives Here with pleasure I carry out my promise now show how it is done here hence we have u
  • 01:03: the bottle took especially dark colors to be it can be seen that she seems to scratches were seen that she that on the same will simplify which we will simplify that they really begin to cut glass glass eat galosh means our I've been searching for something for a long time
  • 01:33: all fly by threw out fishing gear read honestly because what is in another room to go there he had something today somehow angle therefore found this is the Chinese now such crap at grandfather about whom By the way, he told me here I have such probably a dozen no scatter here identification
  • 02:05: signs nothing at all no, but just delete it higher china china by the way here I am dolby I do not remember something than him and he even unwound toys the blade is real no show here that is, it is not leaves no scratches for example , he took Here is a knife for paper too naturally nothing leaves as seen
  • 02:36: yes that's what you can as a matter of fact buy there in any store shorter than full in addition, more did not find anything but still from a couple of their knives I'm like this then maybe will be in the mood I'll tell you in more detail plan is more devil at I have nothing at hand was not found therefore I will show now first the whole process
  • 03:06: hardening then I will show by what I'm doing all this here somehow so alright rushed so at night let's start with paper knife with normal I'm now all at once walk through the cutting The edges on this knife and but here are these knives and I will demonstrate then how is this whole thing
  • 03:36: will affect the bottle well, chyo chased that nude
  • 04:49: the whole edge here to us I will not be any plot for fig i just me it's not me I do not need such a Here is a cut that was just about an hour a piece I'll just do scratch scratch bottle that's probably all
  • 06:11: now we compare small bottle Well, let's try slit a bottle see how it is happens but I am so I understand that everyone It is seen how it is scratches are obtained in general as that so
  • 06:55: guys can still scribble for what you are you will do . technical problems I do not know can not see you can not hear it well as it is so in general
  • 07:33: that's what I wanted show so new is all prose then I basically do not I use machine code because now showed, therefore, I all I take nafig more I so use it
  • 08:03: it's about signing there must be some kind of you have a formula for me what I did did not finish here is report there to write the other I use it there behold
  • 08:54: you can write there t34 and some pass drove a smaller made in than he does not care for what kind of metal is this piece of cloth as this here even a little is if it is visible to whom here it could be taken by them then write that's the letter
  • 09:38: do not erase anything expensive convenient gizmo do not know what I also want to say the gizmo in general until he left with this frame from zhelezyachka and such would have the oil inside the table and energized broadcom goes the device itself is the device now i will try shoot the camera here the device looks like a duck the code is like this
  • 10:08: markirovochka I do not I know whether everyone is visible or no, here we have it included someone with the key to this turbo mode vibration here is the inclusion of here this inclusion shutdown off vibration it's speed but power from which to which spark is served here and this is itself vibrator that is
  • 10:38: turnover so that died down increased Well, in general, here they are Th here such there is no complicated wiring dude here on the table is just this on the handle this one which vibrates on engraver on well, he and there is still a right there dock which is in the socket sticks here I wrote they fuck them I know in English not impotent it so the guys read see for yourself
  • 11:09: can be found such crap in internet here so what here is such here such I have here cool is fiche Yes, I'll answer right away. knives I personally I use this here is a knife with Damascus the blade did a pen himself well so for garage cases some do not know there crap and I have it
  • 11:41: use very comfortable blade shape for me personally here and thick shoes of four millimeters this is only and cut shaving sharpener you can see probably that's plus means and point and you can rotate choto that's what we mean same time
  • 12:11: Here and so to cut too, you can at the very the man is a sharp man this thing is hers means already years probably 30 yes, yes somewhere around 30 years he used to be leaving now probably no longer though that look you look there
  • 12:41: spring of course dokh and already on the move here but still he seems to be himself does not give up his position strangely here done by the way here from such Here from such a piece the canvas is true thicker it will have I go there on the floor millimeter thickness more then once long time ago did on
  • 13:11: I really do not remember the balloon and by the way there by the way crash he's here right here Here already here but there is how I would promise him everything what that I will repair it then everything is somehow time suffices well okay cho, too, by the way. think one of the most convenient forms for for work it is here
  • 13:42: such a form of blade Well with that of course everyone can with me argue I found for myself and me how will it be comfortable and convenient especially something there is strict the night Vanya there daddy on plastics a float like this chisel this crochet any in general I like I do not know smoothly that to me I liked it, it seems all that promised told me, but here at
  • 14:12: me engraver to every so not knowing then someday I'll show you well, everything while everyone thanks for Attention