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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello my Maleeva name Tamara I am a painter-decorator and today we tie bows Bank number one start making our bow do here this loop and clamp overturn
  • 00:30: to our Bank turned in one color we fix our bow such a beautiful stick and we distribute excess It can be cut to the possible nicely put now we bow our fasten on packaged box this can be done using hot
  • 01:00: silicone gun but you can also tie it on tape No. 2, we need to bank well as a wide ribbon bilateral let's take 10 centimeters of our tape and start it
  • 01:32: Now we add We are and ideological turn off and Now we cut off these here little corners is the same We do the other take sides elastic wire and such tying way now We distribute our bow Tulip is now ready
  • 02:09: we bow our green we fix here on this bag we stayed here this Tape anchoring edge or basically any another way you can and tie it we find the middle can take a bit higher as we all Bank attaches to elastic wire this wire we like time and fixed at the
  • 02:39: base your Gift your bank apple number three bank We find the middle and fasten on principle bow number one we are doing this but the bow of our
  • 03:09: transparent tape fasten it with via orange tape and fasten it on Our paper bow Our bank is now ready we bow our fasten on packaged box there is such an interesting
  • 03:40: decorative element we too We use and our bow same sticking to the silicon hot gun and wait until it hardens if you do not gun you also it can bind to our breeds tape