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Knitting by spokes. "Английская резинка" pattern;

Knitting by spokes. "Английская резинка" pattern;  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone in this video, I would like to show you and tell how a pattern that is called gum very simple way very quickly and easily and I get beautiful dialed means 12 petticoat on their two needles first last will be bind edge rest I will tie English rubber band so we tie it up first row first loop front 2 loops We will need
  • 00:31: just take off as purest new together with the we are a worker thread leave before and here and so shoot as purposely that is this is the kind of overlap get further Facial now again we remove the loop as purl together with cloak now again front we take off the loop in this way we alternate so the last I will bind
  • 01:04: purl turned the knitting the second row weighs already very carefully we have we have means here are some crossroads here see this in that place where we shot loop as purl over the other and did cusp and those that we knit with facial loops next a number of them we have are shown as
  • 01:34: purl that we do it now cross and that is and loops with which we filmed tie the face those that we have have turned out purl we are exact also with we take off the cape simply that is which crossroads I tie the face purl and simple I shoot along with Frontal cover we remove with a cuff facial
  • 02:05: we remove with a crochet so here we knit till the end row last purl and I will bind its edge bandage purl again turn over what we see further then same thing absolutely there are here such a crossroads with us and purl intersection and purl cross and tie the face wrong rented together with a crochet
  • 02:35: intersection tie the face purl together with on the actual this is the whole point knitting