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knitted dress - YouTube

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  • 00:00: warm noble and elegant and it dress for autumn looks luxurious is sewed for a couple of hours in based on blood payment rectangle and total only one side seam we make three-dimensional sleeves for cuffs feminine throat and most the main decoration dresses will be guy's fold we take 1 meter sixty centimeters jersey for concise models dresses offer take together the voluminous jersey noble color cherry from wool with small
  • 00:30: elastane content dress of such a fabric will not stretch when folded, we fold knitwear in half and we shoot only one measure of hip circumference cut out a dress very simple from and start with the basis of bends are noted half hip measure + 2 centimeters and conduct a line length 1 meter is the length our dress cut out we sew the side seam
  • 01:01: but now draw armholes on the upper edge from the fold note 9 centimeters down 25 is the depth of the armhole and put a mark on distance of five centimeters from God connect all the marks and angle is rounded off it turned out beautiful armholes with a slope which chapter also drawing 2 except left cut now by edge
  • 01:32: sleeves these are two squares with the parties 60 centimeters draw armholes both on the basis of sewing sleeves and fasten to the dress we make the neck a little deeper collect large cable-stayed folds and we cut out this collar
  • 02:03: a strip of length 50 and width of 10 centimeters we sew it and attach it to dress add cuffs here is the new thing dress self-sufficient and not will suffer superfluous decorations but shoes can be original Olga nikishicheva Ilya Ritka zovov first channel