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  • 00:21: the last lesson we learned full handle cord armhole products but in this lesson we learn from his using the handle
  • 00:30: round neck is Left shelf products if we formed round neck usual we have started close the loop neck personal number for shelves and left to to close hollow neck loop cord it is first necessary to partial cut knitting and to the left shelves we start it done since of the back row on the This lesson will not detail consider
  • 01:00: calculation of setting round neck partial knitting We have already studied this question online woolen history 12 part of the training video in great detail tells how how to build round neck partial knitting in this example sample necks to formed partial knitting and then in the open Garter loops viscous due inlay plus why should we get
  • 01:30: just such a perfect treated neck look for fishnet blouses this way you neck knitting It is one of most accurate and So Alla we form neck partial knitting purl a number we do not knit up Now this group of loops
  • 02:00: This strap loop only 9 loops perhaps it is too a lot but we do it to all strap loops were included in one group not to impose and so not up to 9 loops then knit magicians here to knit these 4 then loop not to knit a few times 2 loop but then we are not to knit several times to 1 loop and so starting with of the back of a number we not to knit the first 9
  • 02:31: These loops 9 loop straps and so is the wrong number of neck side we do not dovyazali 9 loop is a loop strips and turn work on the front side order so that when you turn Knitting was not holes There are many the ways we will do sc sc made on the right needle and we continue knitting
  • 03:01: facial series to the end of and again it Wrong side work in this Wrong number, we do not to knit here, these 4 loop but this loop is naked, we do not believe the loop and do not dovyazali 4 loops following turn work on the front side We do nakida again we continue knitting facial series to
  • 03:30: end and thus we continue forming circular neck partial knitting for left shelves in backstitches ranks we will not tie certain Now the number of loops we tied partial circular knitting neck only rounded part Now the open loop It is on the spokes
  • 04:02: yet we do not breed a straight portion and an eagle on a straight section mouth is land which It runs only on Shoulder loops to the desired depth neck first we processed a rounded portion the neck and the floor cord and then longer we continue knitting to the desired depth neck work will be on the shoulder loops but especially in purl row we
  • 04:30: perform well called smoothing series smoothing number is a series in which both sc made by turning crochet knit together with the neighboring loops to that there were no holes in purl row we not to dovyazali loops Here neck loop neck Now this loop but This sc sc we
  • 05:00: we will provyazyvat together with subsequent thus loops to sc We went on the wrong side that they could not be seen from the front seamy loop we Knit a naked knit together with followed by a loop to sc It was not visible from the person we proceed as long as sc outweighed on right needle and the following loop on the left, we spoke will transport swapping wall location so now here return on naked
  • 05:30: left needle and knit it together with followed by a loop so we introduce the needle for Working first in loop this way and then in sc and knit them together purl loop thus nakida He had gone to the wrong aside now that we nakida knit as with followed by a loop Again nakida shot at on the right needle loop Left spoke transported
  • 06:00: changing location walls naked refund on the left needle and provyazyvaem them together the reverse side of the video spoke the work of the first in loop and then in sc now the next naked same I provyazyvayu with followed by a loop like this This is the part neck where we do not dovyazyvaem one loop We continue like this
  • 06:31: provyazyvat sc together with subsequent loops let's see what we get to front side from the front nakida not visible holes when turning Knitting is not dovyazhem in this way smoothing number to end and so we tied
  • 07:00: smoothing the series in where sc provyazyvat with medium and loops Now start close the loop hollow neck Cord these three loop is a loop hollow cord we them treated edge products Now our task turn loop hollow cord and closing it loop neck to to turn loops hollow cord we trim proceed as it front row, we are now
  • 07:30: about knit 3 loops hollow cord yet apart from neck disguise them on the left needle then the first knit 2 hollow cord loop and the last loop we disguise to the right spoke not knit now we knit the first loop gorlovinki here
  • 08:00: case the person and pull it through filmed loop of hollow cord Thus, we closed one loop a mouth full Now cord loop hollow cord again mix the left first needle loops 2 and knit next loop we reshoot on the right needle is not knit and again the loop gorlovinki knit and handed it over
  • 08:30: filmed loop of hollow cord another loop we closed mouth and again loops floor you cord to outweigh left needle first hinge 2 provyazyvaem and last loop remove the right spoke not knit next st neck and provyazat stretched across the shot loop like this
  • 09:02: Again loop head cord to outweigh the first left needle 2 loop provyazyvaem next st remove the right spoke not knit next loop neck knit stretched across the removed the loop so hollow loop manner cord changed their line first loops of the hollow cord
  • 09:31: we treated gras products and now loops of the hollow cord we close the loop round neck We continue to work with Right spokes on the left outweighed loop chaff cord 1 2 of them provyazyvaem and last shoot at not right needle knit next st neck and provyazat stretched across the filmed loop of hollow cord return loops on
  • 10:00: left needle again Knit the first two and the latter is not removed knit to loop very hollow cord neatly laid on loops gorlovinki must periodically 2 loops provyazyvat along this loop gorlovinki here It happens Wrong front loop for In order for this do we carefully we proceed as we seamy loop Now we take off on not right needle Knit like this
  • 10:32: front loop superiority on the left spoke swapping wall location purl back on left needle and now knit them together with tilted to the right will extend the resulting loop through the shot loop hollow cord Well that's the way we continue close the loop hollow neck cord until do not close all the loops gorlovinki
  • 11:03: that's the way we closed circular loop deck neck cord that's how It looks treatment the front of the neck side, and that's wrong with seamy side if the neck has straight stretch that is, if we knit exactly we We continue knitting webs using but hollow cord now full cord is edge processing products facial ranks
  • 11:31: hollow cord loop we we will knit face and backstitches the ranks of the floor so the loop Nora we will shoot neprovyazannymi thread before work Our sample is made honeycomb pattern immediately after the Pallava burrows and about 1 knit seamy loop and so it will always knit facial ranks to when the floor and the cord will we pull the canvas we will align knitting with the help of partial knitting backstitches loops to
  • 12:01: we need and continue knitting so we tied straight stretch neck at the same time with formation straight portion neck we treated edge Product floors cord that is, on the part of neck and with side of the armhole so it is possible to very carefully handle edge products in
  • 12:31: vests in summer blouses well Of course we pay your attention to how can be accurately round handle neck with the help of our hollow cord The sample was made honeycomb pattern if you like this figure you You can view video tutorial which It called patterns needles honeycomb
  • 13:00: look like It looks treatment round neck cord on the floor finished product planochka related pu and then a thin hinge trims closed floor cord This concludes the lesson on