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D'school. Practical lesson No. 9. Trousers. Cutting.  See details »

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  • 00:00: more science hello we are in dice studio in the past We have made you two kinds of now proceed to trousers but before embark on a cut you already remember that to us need a cloth decant connect the edge with face inwards we put and iron from these already to you or to basis or by duck but in no event
  • 00:30: diagonally and so fabric about decoded we proceed to cutting lay out the fabric on the table folds to itself take the templates which pre-prepared and decompose the two basic parts front and rear here is the keyboard she will be the most economical from the point of view view of tissue consumption of course if you have there is no directional drawing on cloth
  • 01:00: lay out the front piece of trouser thread fundamentals are strictly parallel to the edge fabric is lined detail vertically I fixed and translate immediately centimeters we do not forget the allowance incision the beginning of the pocket is the end on the knees centimeter allowance for lateral seam also centimeter by middle front centimeter by step
  • 01:30: seam and 4 centimeters on In this case, the forget that the stepper seam and side to us you need to mirror and so the front steel translated we proceed to back also lay out the thread basics in parallel fold the fabric part and translate centimeters allowances for middle back seam step by step centimeter
  • 02:04: waist translations back tuck fix its end and centimeter on the side 4 centimeters per fold trousers do not forget mirror seam and stepper on podgibki Introduce the notches on his knees and on
  • 02:34: average member in gypsum to we will place the belt belt for standard 4 centimeter wide therefore, note five centimeter a strip of 4 centimeters this belt and centimeter on allowance measure the train long at least a couple of centimeters because we are sitting while sizing and then more accurate leveling free space place the cut off
  • 03:04: side front pocket also do not forget about centimetric pieces and notches start pocket end so basic details we led shear and cut out by shearing pins along our lines somewhere in a half or two centimeter from the edge was in the shadow of part fabric is enough good non-slip Do not skate and so detail from the pack
  • 03:35: we proceed to cutting we cut out a belt at this sheath is delayed I hate and the bottom edge concerns became then he must sit on a support or not an incision is more even the belt is the edge rear rital cut out the side seam Do not forget at once
  • 04:07: put everything on a candle us on the side seam there is a notch on knees carve a line waist immediately put on heat on tips tugs for so that for later I was convenient to sew cut out the average back seam and stepping off bottom notch on knees
  • 04:43: and on the middle seam the back piece was stolen proceed to the front cut out the side seam set 12 cuts 1 on knees other lower edge format cut lines quench the notch on level start pockets then the average
  • 05:13: anterior means notch at level thighs it will be the beginning of the spectrum and step joint Knurling on your knees and cut off the bottom so the front r is ready cutting side front part pockets she is two notches the beginning of the pocket and
  • 05:44: end so from the main fabrics my details stole, we proceed to I will open a fly of wines we will be burdened for front pocket and for the rear I for burlap use shoe lay out the details thread base parallel to the edge and translate centimeters allowance by line entrance to the pocket of trousers is not let's translate the part right at 0 1 ready translate the second also centimeter at start-up everywhere on circle put two Notch 1 at the level
  • 06:14: started a friend's pocket to the level of the end and from behind I suggest make a pocket in the frame is placed here burlap centimeters twenty five twenty six length and 20 centimeters wide with a fold on the bottom edge of burlap We chop and cut We also put pins somewhere in a half or two
  • 06:44: centimeter from the edge strongly do not clean and dachshund deck and cut out not the front pocket 2 and in detail do not forget about notches beginning pocket end or Width for back pocket I do sacking only for
  • 07:15: one rear pocket is not something that you show how he is done to you I propose to do on shoes pockets basic details we chose smaller details to the brim by the course of the matter next issue i I'll tell you how the front pockets pockets up meetings in a week put on channel