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The lowered eyelid. How to lift lowered top a century.  See details »

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  • 00:00: I greet you dear charming ladies with you again I Natasha Bogomazov your personal trainer Facebook who are still with I do not know I'm 32 the year I live in Houston Texas my mission is to help women have always stay young and appealing Why do you think Over time, our eyes are less true drops upper eyelid let We spend a little experiment will take index finger
  • 00:30: and present substitute for our to the very edge and a raised part try but lift up what happened look at what the distance your eyebrow rose up this is what distance she Currently already dropped down respectively down and your object with upper and years, it is only worse
  • 01:00: What do my answer as always easy feysbilding in a few simple exercise of feysbilding already a few days to help lift lowered Well instant start to start making workout for circular eye muscles that we We have already done with you When getting rid of bags under the eyes my last video wide open eyes and schurimsya We do a quick 10 time January 2 rate
  • 01:33: 4 5 67 89 10 your task feel circular muscle in us Started by exercises as high as possible raise eyebrows and how widely as possible disclose eyes if the images wrinkles on the forehead in every crease and put her finger thus held
  • 02:04: forehead of this situation covers the top eyelid as possible the maximum pull on them ten times February 1 go 45 6 7 8 9 10 great work
  • 02:34: following exercise presses her hands to mandible and the fingers get up is now on the edge We are trying to keep his eyebrows get a little lowering and fingers hurt and conversely pushes up We are doing so 10 times go 1 two three four five six seven eight
  • 03:06: 910 view please feel free to in this time exercises was formed wrinkles between the eyebrows Now you lepim eyebrow forming curb this exercise even in my Children open medicine Do this a couple minutes chic
  • 03:37: Now these simple exercises its shot down Thing very quickly help lift drooping eyelids where find them please every morning and email me at night his comments your reviews and experience thanks you so much that you it to the end my videos and with I have completed all if you exercise I liked this video please put Like recommend
  • 04:08: my friends as well as necessary subscribe to my youtube channel to in a timely manner get fresh issue of video by feysbilding in be please young and beautiful appealing to you was Natasha Bogomazov until we meet again