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  • 00:00: Good day dear friends, guests and channel subscribers with by you teana and this video is devoted to the review the senior arcana of the moon and became so she goes at number 18 in the deck I work mostly with decks related to
  • 00:30: system in this and in this case before we have an arch from the pack Druids if we we pay attention to on many pictures this lasso is shown in principle one and the same thing water signifying the subconscious is cancer cancer is zodiac the sign of the ram and 5 Cancer is the ruler two animals that show so say internal
  • 01:01: fears 2 in this there are two towers 2 2 rocks can be two towers it entrance is not known and he symbol to the moon the moon is the map riddles map subconscious mind somehow internal turmoil sign is very stable we know that the planet the moon passes in for a month through several phases this full moon dark the moon is growing and
  • 01:32: waning moon if it falls in guessing how characteristic some person we can say that this man is extremely he is changeable emotionally unstable such a term emotional lability that is, this person can pass several phases and you will feel when communication with him changing it nature of the changes his mood
  • 02:02: you can not say that somehow the moon has its own positive hand as the moon and her color to the side and side which is in the shadow if the person is light main but how rule is a person so romantic it lively imagination it is very developed artistic artist fantasy well, but if it's the man is dark The sides of the moon are like human rule
  • 02:32: gloomy of him the mask smacks uncertainty it extremely unstable many prejudices to everything and everything him and very much internal fears fears can the rule of being very far-fetched how are we consider as a current this magadans characteristic rights such as the scope of work we take if the moon falls on the sphere work then it is like
  • 03:02: the rule carries such a no events are marked human An internal alarm does not confidence in tomorrow that he can think here to me what fears me can dismiss I will not pass I do not certify will pass the interview a person can be very unsure of their abilities I chose this profession and line of life in professional activities I do not have all that man lives
  • 03:32: internal fears this often shows this card but how rule map shows that these fears can be farfetched that is, roots of the causes of such fears could lay education human eco in some factors coming from his childhood except addition this card says that you need to understand reasons for this uncertainty
  • 04:02: therefore it is possible need to implement a man psychological distribution in order to sort out where does this passion come from person if we consider sat flat and in respectable but not important which relationships love or friendly or relationships colleagues and you are considering your partner is again he is a card indicates to us a person romantic often
  • 04:33: living fantasies and building internal the construction of such air locks so if this partner in your the business sphere It is worth turning to this attention does not lead or you this one partner from the real real vision circumstances the situation is trying life or circumstances of the case in which you are this moment except that this partner
  • 05:05: can be again as a guide for map of the moon is very touchy and unstable but on the other hand with another in expensive partner it can be intuitive feeling some events that is people feel literally from the half-word in a romantic relationship the moon often can show emotional dependence partner man is so dependent on
  • 05:37: partner that he often does not live his life it can be such the alliance we have spilled out and faithfulness touchiness one partner terribly afraid their loneliness and by any means wants to tie himself another partner moon this card has attitude to magic by the way it is independent on how he position she
  • 06:07: falls out desirable to watch the whole layout and everything maps that fall out of the line that is, negative cards can enhance this value positive maps can weaken this value Well, in general it's the moon when is that card if we are talking about human consciousness man was entangled in darkness of his soul and you need to help man find the way so to speak, at least to
  • 06:37: the bright side of this this card results can be said what is it so often? falls on the wrong assessment of the situation at the absence of any very important information on distorted information this map secret enemies this card changeable moods as itself planet moon primary importance turn to try deal with your the subconscious
  • 07:08: try to open hidden sides a situation try intuitively feel their partner but this a little bit said about this card according to their feelings with you were the ocean before new meetings