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The senior lassos of Taro in Guessing. Force  See details »



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  • 00:00: Good day Dear friends lovers are bored by you teana in this video we are we will continue study the oldest arcane Tarot that is, we do in these lessons an overview of each body without venturing of course in detail very deep and so our next lasso that is, which we we study in this lesson
  • 00:30: this is the senior lasso force the senior lasso goes to a rider-waite pack at number 8 in some decks for example in a deck of the Crowley Alister this he goes under number 11 have views deck where it goes under number 11 for example such a deck is deck of 78 doors but rider rider rider hid put this deck to number 8 so let's start with this
  • 01:02: cards astrological accordance with this map is a sign lion astrological conformity complement the maps make additional association if we will use characteristics of this sign of the zodiac further keywords This card is a force this courage is awareness and this compassion archetype maps is internal
  • 01:32: strength and endurance this is primarily if we look at this card with psychological points of view then this is primarily the connection of our consciousness with uncontrolled instincts that is, this is this Card Well you need more remember that this map this before Total real of the world is skill
  • 02:02: manage processes own life also this card is responsibility for committed acts this card means or calls for tolerant of a stranger drawbacks card which gives understanding their animal instincts and this is the map that bears harmony between physical life and
  • 02:33: spiritual life well if this card the she fell out of position exactly then she asks says that this person client or you personally It will take force and their courage beliefs that is You have power but you should be in this you are also confident should attach this
  • 03:04: force to achieve some finite result of this map means not the physical strength a first of all it's strength mind power intellect and skill convince the card in position of the future often speaks of what is ahead of you period when you should be able to forgive and take someone else's needs that is, this card
  • 03:34: often calls for so that it is calmer treat their own and foreign shortcomings and do not test when this some extreme irritation card when it is not important issue a situation out of control this card is often says that you can manage some serious
  • 04:05: processes but not with pressure point of view on this process for these processes from the point application soft power if we look with you visual series of cards tarot rider and tororo Druids 88 doors then we see on each map the female figure that very powerful and a predatory animal lion a rider-waite pack
  • 04:35: a deck of 78 doors and wild boar 2 Druids that is more weak governance more predatory and more it is strong here it is shown that internal strength can overcome quite great obstacles if this internal strength dispose of questions of love is the card often says a very strange
  • 05:06: saturated but she there is such an aspect that one of the partners more gives but not receives the desired instead of in position future as I have said this card will bring success in that if you will to act against the forehead by analyzing and tolerant tolerance in a stranger
  • 05:36: disadvantages somehow shows that you sirin and what are your positions are strong But your strength is not physical strength a in the village spiritual and universal Well this slavery nai the card is still called its such a phrase is possible with be aware that this this happens control over your own their animal nature, that is a man must live does not manage his
  • 06:07: by life instincts a managing more mind and reason such as not pressure on other people with such a soft approaches for this especially in the love relationships this card requires soft guide when exactly softness can achieve large the results the map gives insight
  • 06:37: or forcing think about your internal motives that is, you need something or maybe you do not need it somehow about this as well says well again repeat this card soft female power the ability to curb their passions but in inverted position or surrounded by negative how does it change yours meaning is often in this inadequate
  • 07:08: manifestation of it shows a gently body decisive human and with excess of qualities is the man, who current rather impulsively then there is in his nature takes over the animals instincts can say also about that book this card is associated with magic shows quite strongly energetically
  • 07:39: strong man and can talk about applied magic well you can still say something sometimes this card with sees off accompanies cards death if she falls out inverted condition although the pointers themselves to death is not this is the card if not briefly to tell astrological matching lion this map is control over their internal with instincts is
  • 08:09: control own life responsibility for their own actions and skills seek their goals testing irritations on this I I finish short review this card with you were the ocean before new meetings