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Parcel No. 264, 265 Energy saving LED designer and car LG5D ozonizers  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hi folks youtube two packages of two parcels due to this one and a half The dollar appreciated here we it turns paw grandfather let open look here very crumbles it in
  • 00:32: I have a constructor felt sounded think Shoot crushed foot I think the tone of the pancake I jury Laputa ordering is such Here's an interesting r-code cut a bunch
  • 01:03: LED special so sweet to the driver driver as you can see It is going on directly condenser This figure of his Lord Bridge for 4 year or two photo resistor lada
  • 01:34: then wash off junction will the board itself where to poke poke poke and will poke on dawn tyapu Penza pancakes connection jellyfish plus connection and yet it is not clear length of two circuit
  • 02:04: wiring and then out of power Here's a steeper get here designer will learn to solder led lights not so cheap call an hour I We continue due to package wrapped yet bags check out the 828 that we've got less
  • 02:39: so that's what this again the same to creek already is ordered who knows so were bases produced the firm is also Lyusenka and hoard not This let this
  • 03:10: side roll up swaying and twisted It is all the pile 40 so all the same system most immediately diode too great scam I return the money on the ball will be in my transistor 945
  • 03:41: Light-emitting diode pale blue color Now let us all open Look at 0 and 4 May 2015, and all of them beautiful advise and make I'm not going to this give the work on the so funny things I have all sorts of different essence
  • 04:19: one so so so so Now take 12 volts the battery will take on 12 volts and we highlight and so here crocodile in excess storonochku push up is you plus it will be minus and try some
  • 04:53: beautiful pale blue light well damn why all that now! check this one as the It was with zeros Turn off lights syuda0 connect sense minus to plus Ltd. nicely there type mesh damn you
  • 05:23: LED all cars now I'm cool I will try to draw near show you LED all cars and the mesh was necessary but seen as if
  • 05:53: in the previous I saw was again this check there, too, everything. what that have they all shine all beautifully well so much so in this I He twisted and she did not
  • 06:27: there's nothing shall increase I do not spill over soul hides whatever Say what you like but I'm wondering Here is a real guys ha ha I did one got real help and none maybe more but here that that there Misha
  • 06:57: it fell to the water again Now these guys 1 to see me and then slipped neon light shines after all neon light one foot on the 3 legend
  • 07:27: I show a young two leg one inserted one connector to the same insulation made so for I will show you a pancake Remove this insulation that's worth $ 2 this crap I've seen expensive but I have two I take thought again send just such a fe new This turned out to see
  • 07:58: good tselenky stuffed with a light bulb two feet 1 and the second contact is taken ie around it shows that of high voltage which starts this not in a new bulb and hour multiplier but it's worth here like that and now I'll try again
  • 08:30: so run it minus to plus whole guys I'm in shock real shocked and It means one money will return anyway here what that is, but this kind of
  • 09:01: empty and there seems to have something well, the harder in any case not I know you can metal yes there is such scheme normal yes yes we see that ok all all ok fine here too, the last
  • 09:34: normal Well, we saw that they it shone not LEDs have been the actual design that does not work I know it well I will clean in If I output to video until I feel ever cleansing so to speak air
  • 10:06: I will unsubscribe yes or no but I think I have time because the reserve there is video here Fake across they appear once sellers they themselves do not take They know that they take well that all this guys I think we end we found a fake fake of 4 1 It turned out to be all
  • 10:39: Well, not the same absolutely all of the code four on quality like all the same here except here it here is the quality worse then all of these four of the worst the quality of this one well, What we first
  • 11:09: I opened a pancake I forgot Quality it seems this one is worse all even though we We take this one fundamentally different but it is almost package fake a ture on This will end the Water is already writing comments opinion Speak your guys
  • 11:39: we put the huskies we subscribe to channel and to new meetings and all all bye bye bye bye we are here it is fake fake