How to shape a Kaiser (or rosette) dinner roll

How to shape a Kaiser (or rosette) dinner roll  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi this is Tammy from camis recipes calm and I'm going to show you how to shape a rosette dinner roll which is really beautiful and gives an extra special touch to what would otherwise be just normal dinner rolls okay see how it moves a little bit closer here so you need to start out with your ball of dough that you're going to use for your dinner roll so I divided up my dough into balls I'm actually almost done shaping these so I have a few left so I can show you how it's done so you divide your dough into the ball and then make each piece of dough into a rope you hope so please
  • 00:33: keep the camera on what I'm doing okay now showing them light looks like when it's done okay and after you have got your Rope of dough you need to tie it into a knot and it needs to be um plenty long to do your knot because you're going to need some extra dough at the end so I'm going to take my dough is it in the camera okay and I'm going to tie it into a knot and then I have two little pieces left that are coming through and I'm going to bring one of
  • 01:03: them around and tuck it under and I'm going to bring the underneath one around and tuck it in the middle from underneath and so then I'm going to end up with this shape and you probably can't see that one very well I'll do a couple more I hope she'll please keep the camera over here okay so I'm going to take this dough I'm going to tie it into a knot then I'm going to tuck this one underneath I'm going to bring this one up and tuck it in and so then I have
  • 01:33: this little shape here which looks like a beautiful flower and I'll do a couple more inertially can you make sure the camera is showing the roll another okay move on around back and one up from kind and that is to end up with one one okay so I take my dough tie it into a knot pull up this one from
  • 02:08: underneath and the one from on top I'm going to tuck underneath and is what you end up with let's put the camera over so that is what it looks like and these are the finished ones that have been rising for a little bit and it'll take some more pictures when I'm completely done so anyway super easy to do and I love making beautiful things with bread dough whether it's braiding or shaping it's
  • 02:40: just fun to see a beautiful finished product so hope you enjoyed the video