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  • 00:00: if the battery car while parking planted faster than I I may be the cause be undesirable circuit leakage current her research will need measuring device ammeter premiere multimeter or current clamp other subjects not binding may come in handy procedure will It is shown in Example fighting machine e34 88 of release for First you need to find block fuse in this case they
  • 00:30: located at hood and under the rear open seat hood remove the head cover fuse on It is often referred to function of each They are not to be sought in the book is true information on German but themselves circuit breakers
  • 01:03: you should also find the battery here is a back sofa next step is device connection it is the positive terminal and and do not touch shooting minus I have it already filmed here in the gap will need to to plug multimeter meter is
  • 01:33: inexpensive device It costs 300 rubles one of the functions which usually are measurement direct current It has two probe one of them connect the connector designation of 10 amperes most of it allowable supplied through device current second probe insert the connector with the minus one probe Connect a terminal multimeter translate
  • 02:04: in measurement mode direct current Ivan cementing their 10 Amps second probe The device is connected to the on the minus battery in my case had primotat it tape thus the device it becomes part of the chain's original values 0 or 6 amp
  • 02:34: 600 milliamperes but there are plenty of that the door is open to It remains to be but the deal First I would like to compare the readings multimeter current indications mites current measurement they are much simpler and more the right way ordering costs from China is 1000 small rubles benefit It is not you need to throw off terminal thus saved normal service consumers especially cars it is important to
  • 03:04: machines harder vase in this example machine has several electronic components on which specify algorithm euthanized in quotes car when connected gap multimeter and start the engine can not be so both currents at start They are much more 10 amperes so that the key leakage can be measured more fully well okay enough theorize turn the unit on current measurement set limit of 40 amperes for verify the accuracy what is included measurement is direct current letters Disi way mites need to buy
  • 03:35: just such a cheap measure Only AC for the car they are not suitable Now updates the button delta Bow wire We look at the small screen multimeter and ticks I did not expect that reading will are so close so feel free to I turn in the the situation on the mites
  • 04:05: further about doors they interfere with the measurements since when doors open even switched off light there increased consumption energy show current clamp already connected show rate floor Ampere's instant trailer simulate closing doors three tenths amperes and open
  • 04:39: close I open the way we have not talked normally quiescent current considered consumption of two or three hundredths of an ampere can be 5 ie 3050 milliamps as seen I have yet get 10 times more trailer fixed as well Come unit by objectives
  • 05:11: zavedom engine see what will I put the key in the first position on the ignition and Set up as shown it was overload value exceeded mounted on unit 40 amperes Currently seen how much current goes on battery of generator
  • 05:41: battery by the way already dead poor It takes charge therefore values fairly quickly page zero I get a better car starting point for costs are not yet asleep machine 2 small amp look for fun that much consumption on and oven in the ignition first position second
  • 06:11: 3 and 0 dimensions dipped turn off the ignition rest still current decreased well Finally the most important thing search procedure excess consumer
  • 06:41: causes leakage current held for an hour car have again quiescent current about 750 milliamps is very a lot of back to fuses Next you need to remove they turn and keep track of readings ammeter if removing the value is not changes all order no leakage if there drop means consumer hanging On this circuit breakers eats current prime I take fuses for and some to convenience as there is no monument and
  • 07:11: I have to go and look at the evidence instrument I took 5 fuses and nothing much change means is all right but the next group then it is far proceed to block a back sofa follow the indications
  • 07:42: decreased when removing fuse It means there is problem remember number or position such fuses so should be checked every fuses another car way to disable it consumers fully suppose now I I want to check dashboard good crawl to her simply taking feed connector yes
  • 08:13: through tidy too is leakage current the last stage of this obtained by analysis results open book on the car can be separate guide electrics find description fuses and there looking troubled seats let this way I look right wiring hi tops as the model of the machine 535 your case proceed on situation after finding in the book
  • 08:44: customer name guilty leaks you will have a clear direction for troubleshooting