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We connect the TV to the INTERNET and the COMPUTER on WI-FI  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends in touch miter Nikolaev welcome all of you on your channel if you launched and plums in all loved our youtube this video means
  • 00:30: you have purchased TV and want connect it to the Internet to your personal computer first all I want congratulate you purchase your TV I want to say that connect to Internet and to personal computer at the really quickly and easily Well now I'm in this to you help and tell here for your model all TV I tell this company sanctum for
  • 01:01: connect to internet no matter what you first TV We bought it all It is simple and for example identical to all very similar are on all models TV's in This tutorial He told how connect your TV Internet and its personal computer over a network through lan cable if your TV does not have built-in module vayfay like here in my or you bought additional
  • 01:31: module which connected TV we all want to note zara or permits Wi fi connection module and determine it therefore look and under his instructions to the TV allowed and Wi fi connection module, and so you have to TV has wi Fi module and you there is wireless router router or modem in which Included vayfay and you You want to join here our all these three component is TV PC
  • 02:01: but put between for this we are all you need to properly configure your router already included not wipe day on and you really you know password from the wi-fi your router modem or router any network this our Assistant I want more say what's in this video clip I He told how directly podsoedenit
  • 02:31: computer to TV out Internet ie open content computer All these TV Folder 90 is compressed movies video music and photo paintings Well, in general, all that we again we salt using home media server is It is needed in order to check valid problem in the router or router some are hang signing and very easy check and verify
  • 03:01: what really so if a problem you need and interesting you are welcome to pass and for this ssylochku this occasion this lesson and Check it here the connection between the computer and TV between a well, and we are starting to adjustment wireless setting our TV that connect to internet via vayfay and which through wi-fi open the contents of our computer
  • 03:32: I want to say one you open the contents of our we have a computer at computer must be installed media or any server or server to share the folder with photo video music generally family folder you want pass through the network through the bypass for your TV as a it is all here in this tutorial I will
  • 04:02: by telling home media server it's all we connect Well now, let's imagine something that you have on your computer set home media server you have it already set up and launched here you go this my lesson and we remains only to plug cook fi adjust Wi fi in our TV and so switches Wi wi-fi settings in
  • 04:32: our television and so in order to go to settings network in our case Wireless networks are on the remote are looking for button and menu go to section Then click Network right and choose network configuration then press start but I have allowed to see two connection wireless and cable Well, in our case,
  • 05:02: my case now, we we will set up wireless Connect so I select it and press on the remote control to enter and the button further followed by the search for wireless router router's found my it is called a router asus and I choose it here You see that icon padlock worth it means that, in my network in my router have a password
  • 05:33: he recovery record that is I choose to push his and click Next Here we offer enter the key security that is Now this is the password from our router I I enter the password and then As I entered the password choose button and now there is a further inspection wireless network connection and ip address so we received and signal strength excellent and connection to
  • 06:04: internet performed Well, in principle, all click ok after we It can be customized check again the state of the network there is a check wireless network connection and connection to internet Here, too, it is written and asus all done api address received sometimes automatically it so happens that ip address when automatic connection an error and this we need
  • 06:35: manually enter the ip address it happens rarely out of my practice it was once settings TV company sony so to this do we back here to Section ip settings those addresses here auth mode and address of the car is choose the manual and here then enter this ip Address 1 192 168 and here in the end of any
  • 07:06: the principle of value Well let me introduce to Example 90 leave subnet mask should be such gateway It should be 192 one hundred sixty eight zero one DNS server it also has to be 192 168 01 then click ok and we see in the status of that connection internet performed click okay, and that's
  • 07:37: in this way own version Our network is set up in Basically again I repeat this is done automatically mode, but sometimes that's saves here such with the introduction mode ip address and manually so let's check Now our Internet is it really all and run so I tuned click on its TV smart hub smart you choose web browser, and so We see in the browser
  • 08:08: has started launched a major page I have assigned it index and all It works fine let us now check on wireless connection compound with our computer do not open through wi-fi all contents of a folder computer and so I press the remote selection power that is Select a connection and Now I see that got my home media server off balls and I can see here opens
  • 08:39: perfectly content him and let try to run through wi-fi any any film and so I I saw that all perfectly starts all perfectly rewound and It works so expensive friends here such simple way made settings Wi fi and that's how we your TV via air through the wifi We make friends with friends his computer on the ball and all folders in the computer, and here they are perfectly
  • 09:10: Plays all films include heavy files say both of which size mtb up to 40 sometimes gigabytes but the quality is of course respectively who then there will be any questions about connection Please write to comments under this videos on this I will finish all Thank you for your attention to you was Dmitri Nikolaev subscribe to stavte channel husky all good to you See you soon