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Memory of phone is filled. How to release memory (android)  See details »

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  • 00:00: I cauldron and shook it with all sorts of internet applications such crap that's beating memory of the phone's memory called why it is not immediately installed on the map memory there is a built-in memory of them at least phone memory guys feel and everything nothing else can download writes that where memory is filled at 90 megabyte there freely but let the garbage shorter search the internet that their really there is nothing written any
  • 00:31: Profiles offer special programs download via computer there something khimichit moonlight damn easy have settings so the app section Pedi is the elementary duty there studied could not find the meaning, too jackshit Brad fact that they did not immediately downloaded onto any memory card
  • 01:01: tx here's an example that's pick offer here in this menu there should be about the application section there It must be written on the move internal storage at the bottom of this there Button's erase there any extra cash there and then you can release you can remove it to stop so but
  • 01:34: are not available for these applications button to move to the domestic drive to the memory card which you there is a separate set in your phone at all there is no such in any application not our such a It is available is available in short all the different jobs they work something out there writing different types of energies tent and cs move does not know I've moved all you can mash can be reduced foreach
  • 02:07: press to move that gemar course really can not just offer somewhere there early in the boot where to save standard supply can not for some reason so now she moved to built-in memory and is now available move back to the phone so you need
  • 02:37: It can is possible to download a special program there by typing in the search for it, or sd move words, there are different programs they come there is not a little help do the same thing except that immediately finding there what you can move there section that has moved on the map
  • 03:07: that the phone only Well, there is a whole some of them different sections cool more than lower decks Here he found that I now no which can move on the map here they all moved opta green it has already here on the phone there were some that She could not move and it all