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Song of the driver - In search of Asfaltida - the Ural pelmeni  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: now very quiet lyric theme song in concert and the road of drivers have this category drivers for hundred percent have such Out of drivers concert we all pretty good courteous drivers is other people about I'm going to sing I drink it quietly I think that the principal at the way I only then I behave there as
  • 00:31: pig in his life finally I found ordinary Russian road goat We met before develops the theme I love the car meet you on low fret with toning in the trash I can be on behe porsche and Kruzak with middle finger raised on the left hands like a moron I distant light flashing
  • 01:03: when I'm on the track you I catch up learn on the track their professional you Galoshes from the road removed I travel a goat I road and goat road traffic road goat I'm at a crossroads creating congestion on flashing marry in the middle of the stand
  • 01:33: I look menacing SUV the flow of 300 vehicles that I rested not on the side I toured the cork always on the lawns dispelling the old women continuous in a loud horn clock sony I do not see evil, it is the most necessary thing for goat I stand at the crossroads I'm in the left lane gathering
  • 02:04: for a series of machines and at the last moment blinker will include Well since I left I want to go to ground I kid road koziol I road traffic I said the road I said the road I road a goat road traffic road goat write a little stop
  • 02:38: policeman, I immediately suit me into evil road than on convert I'm on the road all the mat I watered and then beg and sorry I sigh road goat evicted good Zelda for the road road traffic goat I road I I travel a goat road and traffic road gazelle thanks all