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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with you Oksana Dmitrieva today we are with you We will make beautiful rezinochki decorated bouquet composed of purple flowers size and number materials that we need you You can look at this circuit and so We make small flowers take a square of tape
  • 00:31: purple and cut a circle on we offer this circle the fire and start fingers twist ie do small folds full circular we get
  • 01:11: circles with wavy edges of the circle we fold in half of horizon, we Apply some glue and form more conical fucking double take purple stamens add them in half First we put
  • 01:43: These tychinochki our floret and then further stamens tip that we will exposed top Apply glue and anchoring stamens in flowers get a little
  • 02:25: and flowers which one rezinochki us It needs 14 pieces Now prepare Green leaves take width tape cut two and a half centimeters and bends one end perpendicularly another and then further bends again In the way that connect both ends together at the end of leaflet we do crease align leaf
  • 02:58: anchoring over fire and we get a little green leaf business such that the leaves 10 glue leaves to the basis of felt take a felt circle in diameter 5
  • 03:29: centimeters inflict glue and glue on circle little green glue leaves purple flowers
  • 04:02: between two green I put leaves glue and glued on this place flower as glue the remaining florets bottom row is on eight flowers the middle of a glue separately for this we need 6 col. one flower we
  • 04:32: It will be the central and it will be sent up around him, we glue 5 flowers Now connect
  • 05:33: the upper part from the bottom of the flower we have left
  • 06:08: paste rezinochku Apply glue to the gum glue her to a flower and now anchoring the rezinochku polosochkoj of cedar this is our
  • 06:39: workshop completed you will need to repeat this procedure if you You want to make two rezinochki and also double the number materials that It is required to manufacturing rezinochek if you I liked this video put the huskies subscribe to my channel but we'll see you in the following video