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  • 00:00: Hello my call anastasia kulikov in this New Year's master class I will show how make this Christmas tree toy to us need satin tape width two s half a centimeter in two shades winsett foam the base is my diameter 3 cm suspension type rhinestones for glued-based cord and fastening as well as candle for starters cut the ribbon into I cut off the squares small piece then turn over him and cut off the square all you need is 96 red and 24 gold
  • 00:31: squares of 2 and a half centimeter please let me do from every simple sharp petal Kanzashi grab the edge tweezers and glue Edge above the candle it turns out this
  • 01:10: traditional petal of Kansas attach the attachment to ball it if us usually Christmas tree toys if you do not have one fasten glue just a loop now start
  • 01:44: close a square sand ball Kanzashes are glued alternating 1 gold then three reds then again one golden 3 red and another gold and beautiful petals the first layer is ready second glue similarly to the first starting with gold the consequences for us you get three gold spiral so you need to watch closely for location golden petals they need a little shift into one aside in the third layer we go
  • 02:17: to increase the number of petals between two petals of the second layer we paste two petal 3 petals can be glued together cellar or paste each separately and addition we will glue 21 thunder and three gold petals each petal 4 layers we will glue between two petals the third layer do not forget about golden petals they should be shifted to one direction petals of the fifth layer
  • 02:47: pasted through one we go to decrease glue 9 red and three gold pieces petals of the sixth layer glue one at a time between two the petals of the fifth now do it suspension for this cut 3 unequal piece of chain on two of them hang up the bells but on the third New Year's suspension it's a snowflake connect all three
  • 03:39: chains with one ring and glue their center gang then glue 7 and 8 layers of petals by scheme 1 between two of previous layer decorate the top
  • 04:34: rhinestones Christmas tree toy in Kansas style is ready decorated with such balloons Christmas tree creative mood and level petals if you like share it with I will be friends very nice I suggest viewing
  • 05:05: my other videos lessons to the ambulance meeting on my channel until