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  • 00:00: you pin Minister Alexander but where we start take it as microsoft word and I I will tell you about it he knows how the business purpose and main features from microsoft a lot before whole world has powerful facilities formatting particularly for text this or any other the text fragment You can set almost any setting type size typeface is there you see it here But in all the panels there is me
  • 00:30: sizes here and shift what color you want It can also be select text You see any color you can remove the color the text of the letters to for the letters themselves further fat is not greasy Italics Italic is not there is only just some functions user
  • 01:01: provides configurable regional and indents equalizing the lines there are still there various markers You can also number all a position that is both That is because you want to various indents align to this day If you have a paragraph right that is, a lot of opportunities but it standard for the who do not know this lesson it seems to me to be
  • 01:33: very useful ie to fatten on the text is not included nothing is It is a complex here to write on this hi we greetings change the font suppose it definitely need to You need to replace the font select it and select interesting You'll see the font I change straightforwardness putting me how how he will when you look you can even choose
  • 02:03: not apply here view it already looks next you will see different size over 14 can be so much anymore less add there are a number here offerings and the upper waste it is possible to start the game let's take indent you will have been here paragraph begins from this point well, to this we are still
  • 02:35: until we return we view the that any possibility text can to do such You can do shade but that of the functions that can text to To change it is necessary to select the there we select and for example makes a mark yellow that is, see text does not become yellow text and all around All text and himself text can be here I I put black to
  • 03:05: it was more much as you see you can put yellow well respectively text why disappear because well on yellow is not visible yellow I again set white so play around with text try as it's black you can make white as well as disappear various indents as well as paragraphs also has
  • 03:37: opportunity insert various objects such as Now take the picture that go into insert tab, choose rate drawing is not here you will choose to desktop there We must take time but put the figure it's here I'm not going go much each section I just show functionality already then will detail just tell you automatically, you
  • 04:08: insert text squeeze its format where there can different adjust your picture add some shade and frame that is very a lot of things also interesting in general it is very pretty strong Tool microsoft word well this is now such here its main function Well, it was
  • 04:41: a small overview of the microsoft word next video tutorial we are will be more dismantle all panel panel that are each tab just some may be just do not appreciate opportunity to do I can show them you want to work eg powerpoint or same purpose well before we yet we come Well I am waiting for you at the following video lessons
  • 05:12: on the average score of no it is the Russian Federation Alexander