How to knit "Дубовые листья" shawl; hook (last series))  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today I want to show you ready-made tied to the edge ball I did not shoot Further there by series because here in Basically for anything I repeat to you Now short tell how will you dovyazyvayte that someone not press room with latest background For example here is our 34 number of the next video here it would be 34 we continue with you color, in each at the bottom of each element pair between
  • 00:30: we do not provyazyva between these elements four air degree heading here then click on the collection securing a tag or Now we recruit chain of the air loops and 612 against stitches and then go exactly also we provyazyvaem in our future glasses etc. there after Now this figure 5-12 the essence of the chain 35 35 years, all the same only instead of four Air here and
  • 01:00: five air Is there already a final five air basically they provyazyvayutsya alike than not characterized by that after twelve air Chains are no longer 6 there are no repulse no chain has stitches directly from this pen is not Now we turn to this arochki even and so entirely linking them and by 5 air between then 35 and 36 times so they two the last of our series
  • 01:30: nothing more knit knitting close and I would like for it does not shut me I reached here to the edge of his when here provyazat Last March 6th row and I more extreme line shawls tied columns, without sc that is, you can too so do it obtained from here Jurbenko not just the chain there such an inner pack open and here and so openwork to get very carefully Now I will proceed to Here kitty brush cutting they have me lie
  • 02:00: prepared some I'll do it, I I receive suitable for the length of the book is not me so here is the 15 or even 20 millimeters brushes just after I wash, I shawl using centimeters Octave cut to Need more slowly there Out of the corner turns Bear does not have me here but as you can see it turns out differently long and I'm already there all things and that's shaved Now I take the brush here
  • 02:32: sense to strings invested so here half drags so here hooks I can not show you I can not with a camera set like this here smuggle Then here and so exciting eyelets midway like this sell it and strings tighten it not properly obtained brush fortified on still in his around the perimeter of the salt that is, I will
  • 03:02: engage in here between here podarochki here on the chain a tip of the chain can only Presents catch expired want you can cut yourself on it there between I do not for themselves will not engage only here here here small presents and now here between appointments necessary maybe that's just such a I will fulfill all the brush brush and wound onto the book was a or rather tell We wind a thread here
  • 03:32: So around the book makadi on me for some the amount of edge to the edges neatly scissors here 10 have carried around the perimeter here and so they were taken and then spread separate the hooks because the thread I 7 is e.g. sharpens no such too thick to this luxuriant seeds will when they fold like this now the House vegetation nitochek and enough ok my dear Brush will all
  • 04:03: until all luck success you will continue knit something else interesnenkoe By the way I still have to front will be a review ready to bowl and when I it has already been reduced since for example in order I wash in I write from the headlamp iron in total all things have already done will be ready to review work all over the bye bye do not forget subscribe to my channel leave your questions or comments down below Video put a finger up if the video you It was useful and
  • 04:33: Well liked everything good luck to all artists success so far