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We do New Year's snack - awaking All to dobra - Release 306 - 17.12.2013 - Everything will be good

We do New Year's snack - awaking All to dobra - Release 306 - 17.12.2013 - Everything will be good  See details »



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  • 00:00: you know the situation when before New Year's Eve on the kitchen has a lot of cases and hungry joyful guests are on the doorstep the desire to eat and fun Tanya Litvinova He knows how tirelessly and easy to prepare just two original snacks you on this need only 20 min yes yes led good coming there is such a situation When the kitchen is very smells and Of course guests there can not be expel can say
  • 00:30: but they work mines vyzhi their zakarmlivat are nothing eat at the holiday table but there is little secret such a weapon a light snack before holiday feast is universal weapon call over tartlets not shown on Magnetic I hid them tartlets me and my wife refreshments Bank and c baskets and not only stops and forces and allows infinitely improvise indented you home Our rang him Grisha again roblyat Vova sand, both unleavened dough and fill USiM than
  • 01:00: sprat can surprise because their pies in salad to fruit decree on granting people it cells galisse This scaffold Austrian kitchen for such traditions Neapolitan views indoor Parigin Shekel in a hundred leagues from there host quit Kukare European edge chopping and filling docking athletes from basic countries for the salads glare nevelichka Port A and won Swede and scattered, and the glory Valayal crab is the original to paint modes turns his desk today sprat cut our magnetic necessary portal on the style and I nodded to remove all
  • 01:31: of the offense we can be able to naebalove shy Wurman and tartlets views Tatyana Litvinova and welcome to add us at all your guests tartlets, in principle, we can know buy ready as early as store and fill them something home to safe when we using precise delicious expensive stuffing is very easy you can spoil them rare card that my we bought in the store not very good Quality can be At first overdue in the second is not very quality or simply not tasty You offer prepare dough
  • 02:01: tartlets too themselves yes of course, why not Well, because it's It takes a long time guests also on the doorstep usually tartlets bake they advance me stored in the breadbaskets or tin box two or three days but We need good wrap them from moisture well telling you cook we will today two options tartlets and light nutrients for nutritious tartlets us need 200 grams of butter oil I rub it on large grater and then easily connect flour
  • 02:31: very quickly and that light and nutrients Tartaglia so the dough It will be different nutritious tartlet will used wheat flour and creamy mass of the it will have but with shortcrust pastry small sugar content and they light tartlets such triple I have a secret I tell a little send later here we butter need 3 tablespoons sugar Of course, we salt whisk oil after As sugar Savintsev oil and add here 3 yolk and of course I wonder where in
  • 03:01: you such an idea prepare tartlets this way My husband and I even married then we had traveled Italy lives there each my husband had girl Italian we visited at his home, they We set the table Now completely surprisingly quickly and I was struck then such small the original tartlets which she regaled us I He expressed his delight when we saying goodbye to so we are not confused I whispered after all You know I do I had no food I prepared from the I had to the fridge shared this recipe and have long
  • 03:31: long-notebook I very often I use light any such here undershot champagne but generally interesting The situation in Italy It formed lying around the fridge shrimp red fish avocados have in my such deposits are not hospital witnessing food for them to curd cream Parmesan and basil that's what they like We lard oil butter and sour cream I agree curd Of course that day festive new year approaching but a waste years points we
  • 04:01: turn not from Tanya cheap husband always try for the new year stock up on some products non-traditional our daily table will shave horse here wants to next year It was more nourishing thus more luxurious let us say with respect to the past so every hostess tries cook for New Year's table something more exquisitely something well our wonderful Assistant quickly I managed usual shortcrust pastry only it is not so sweet as is usually the case very nice
  • 04:31: Well that consistency in as a refrigerator usually sand test all the same it dough tartlets We need to prepare I understand that in advance any moment descend guests ispekat too tartlets need in advance for two three days before the new year because a new year is always very a lot of work and self you need to put in order and now secret tartlets diet that you are prepared unleavened of rye flour Wow, how interesting yes here 100 grams rye flour 40 milliliters vodichki it is literally 2
  • 05:03: 3 tablespoons tablespoons olive oil it's like the Nazis to ravioli and get leather rye flour requires even a little bit of salt well Well our dough kneaded wheat flour such tartlets will but of course will exactly Well this is my meal nice dough on Today the peasant of still another lead and much more such an interesting taste kitchen assistant Deal with it faster and more efficiently because they stir everything is very uniform usually hands so
  • 05:33: long dough kneaded to need spend 10 20 minutes and any effort here just a few minute well that our the dough is ready it is here's how plasticine second accurately and the color is not Unlike conventional because the dough rye and rights useful this dough now prepare its windows form tartlets you need open refrigerator so start with him and so perfectly I'll take a piece of dough to shape the rest of doily'll set
  • 06:04: that it does not chapping 5 no dospat people not to drink good savior Authorities are my favorite Come on boy with Look what I've got such here krasivenkie tins tartlets and parchment already formed here Such are the circles cut like choose the right such molds to them easy to portal she must be rigid form that is no silicone and more desirable flat and I just like you can not ask Do tartlets bake to form cupcake know such
  • 06:34: higher ki yes then formiruesh when the collar is not reach of edge to somewhere before middle molds we forming here such here is a small reservoir test and can spread and to form just such a Here is a map point each year and I yet talked buy tarts in the shop to that of polepit such a test is sheer fun immediately Kindergarten remembered you feed so especially wake up after nap well as the wake up and usually I am trying not to fall asleep It gives a little jelly in the afternoon
  • 07:05: and doing what then I loved too studies in children garden adequacy test flexible and lubricate nothing the form is not necessary here parchment it this paper and We help ourselves to In order to make the dough without Labor behind but Now I understand now Unlike than a molds from the deep for cupcakes can almost be a centimeter the height of the rim is he that is tilted good to those molds have a how many pieces they need to the dam at least 2 so now to hearty nadi magic
  • 07:35: refrigerator which time here is very Well here is a quick magic dough that I brought beforehand as you know but This consistency others fled juicy because here butter quite a lot of oil forming krasivenky layer desirable thinner it will you know the tastier will tartlet and here You see what different tartlets We get as said lived at two cheerful granny one gray goose another white in such We we them
  • 08:05: insert oven we warm up up to 200 degrees, I I pave each them parchment paper and I get enough sleep here I Peas I would say study winter well, because we usually watering Gorodets such great shape Cake trampoline little long will they baked bake 15 minutes and in the meantime we Let us for stuffing hearty in tartlets will be part of the curd avocado and a question at you it on the particles us a whole avocado on on for now we will
  • 08:35: beating our stuffing cream in such a cheese garlic 1 clove of garlic not more than a little salt black pepper themselves understand that it stuffing is useful avocado cheese and the garlic but it is a very delicious cream you I know him I prepared even just for breakfast sometimes and as always with this easy task manages our kitchen assistant literally minutes. cheese and avocado garlic mixed
  • 09:05: turned pasty consistency just for filling yes Tanya He coped with this challenge is a I would say you need try before you need to try on background If guests would refrigerator that's you do not have time fill this in the morning on tartlet cake smear just beautiful hoping and second the filling will not less tasty but she KrAZ's girl I wanted to offer her Now make me grated parmesan already terochku here to 100 grams it bad crushed in
  • 09:35: blender so it is better to rub on grater originally it and very hard cheese quite expensive quite a lot of sauce and learn it well saved in the fridge Ukrainian cheese it is inexpensive He is very good here well it can be use calmly and basil enough a large number of see how a and the leaves of one beam 3 tablespoons olive oil I think tartlets there on the way to the edge browned we can
  • 10:06: how to get there fine as long as everything then covered with peas there is a mystery but what they in there interesting but course immediately You see the difference in the test and we can easily determine where nutrients and where light cake s sunglasses cream ready it is the basis for light tartlets I will not it too putting a lot because that the cheese has rich taste and basil two products which is
  • 10:36: basis and so so that's way Remember to remove Parchment you know some guests only and stop here to eat eat until parchment will not get before there were cases different, in principle, we We can form already tartlets and we raw shrimp the only one bar we need shrimp fry and submit their warm it was necessary oh how delicious it all exquisitely today direct actual Now in Italian Yes, I heated
  • 11:06: olive oil good for to shrimp very quickly browned and purchased a beautiful golden I'm still a crust I understand why it is necessary These are small tins tartlet not to use so many toppings put on but so lay visited 2 tartlets troughs that Racket opponents yes some multicolored cherry tomatoes I take one little yellow one Krasnenkoe shrimp I took a greyish that were not
  • 11:37: prepared in advance Unfreeze them Well cleaned oil warmed up and I I post here how many shrimp a tartlet 2 I begin to form already tartlets shrimp tartlets psychos can compose we have repeatedly talked about how may be replaced piping bag and so simple can be ordinary plastic bag for nourishing tartlets the foundation of the cheese I Avocado is the top fish because Avocado is good
  • 12:08: It combined with a very salmon You better tell me something not salmon combine if it is like We do not shrimp Tanya to overcook I am going to flip So beautiful ruddy and the Eventually, I incise Cherry tomatoes and I send her too browned order that it has acquired the smell of shrimp and olive oil and easy to clean from thin slices sliced spurt I form krasivenkuyu such Now turning rosettes
  • 12:38: a piece of fish under forging and now here I wrap with booth pilots on cabinet childhood we We are making such paper kulechki that's exactly as I am doing with fish to in the end I I get a nice rosette center pushing like I straighten it as rosette, as it were I press down slightly in order to push it into the cream already well and a sprig dill so one hand Pomidorka Cherry has browned and turn on
  • 13:08: and a second side Shrimp is already possible get now a small amount of sauce and basil I parmesan cells I spread as heart and center have roasted tomato left just two strokes I spread them form of kissing fisherman and I'll remind you as my prepared for cooking hearty tartlets with fish and cheese alla Kotov sauce you needed for the test sugar, cream butter yolks flour and salt
  • 13:38: peas to give forms for filling us Need cheese avocado garlic, lemon juice salt black pepper green and red fish three on a grater butter mix it with salt and sugar add the egg yolks flour carefully stirring forming the dough Ball wrapped in plastic wrap and ship in refrigerator for 30 minutes is detachable from the test small pieces baskets and put them forming bumpers top cover with parchment paper and each mold
  • 14:08: We fall asleep peas Bake in oven preheated to 200 degrees 15 minutes shred peeled avocado in blender with curd cheese and garlic spread cream cheese ready at the bottom of the basket and a piece of fish and curl and roses put them on top of the tartlets decorate dill sprigs for cooking light tartlets with shrimp tomatoes you needed for the test rye flour cold water olive oil and salt for the filling you would need Parmesan or other
  • 14:38: hard cheese basil olive butter prawns tomatoes flour mix with salt adding water olive oil and knead homogeneous dough We share it on small balls mash and put in food and cover top parchment paper pour top and peas Bake in the oven heated to 200 degrees 15 minutes three on a grater cheese mix it in a blender together with olive oil and basil shrimp purify and fry in a frying pan with
  • 15:08: olive oil two sides to gold chopped tomatoes cherry tomatoes and fried in it together with shrimp fill ready tartlets and Put the top shrimp and tomatoes decorate with leaves basilica uncommonly beautifully and festively immediately clear that if the hostess on appetizer cooked so just imagine what she would Main dishes I sample, I also Tanya but it's just with shrimp find magic and rye tartlets light on
  • 15:38: I think it's just nice to me very much so on Tanya challenge you to me I guessed decide that tastier and choose impossible because you are very well described as the difference Hearty these tartlets light and therefore your guests want and both Thank you