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Pattern for knitting by spokes the Canadian Elastic band (for beginners) - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: I want to show on cut the rope on for this I type 2 multiple loops that is a multiple of two loops of three + edge of the sample I will type 20 loops So I gained 20 loops
  • 00:59: I knit the first row First we petelechku Then I take off provyazyvayu one loop face 2 front and purl Two wrong so I provyazyvayu until the end a number 2 purl face 1
  • 01:34: so I knit 1 row 2
  • 02:05: number of an edge we 2 remove facial 1 Wrong 2 facial 1 Wrong, and so on until near the end, and knit Recently, we
  • 02:52: provyazyvaetsya seamy petelechkoy so we here is the third a third row of the first number an edge we remove 1 front then we petelechku We must knit capture needle omit in the previous row have a lower number grab the thread and
  • 03:23: provyazyvaem petelechku 2 we purl 1, front Again, we omit spoke the previous row grab loop pulling face 2 purl 1, front again to seize previous row petelechku 2 purl face 1 again grab
  • 03:57: petelechku 2 purl 1, front again grab petelechku end of act knit 1 front grab petelechku 2 and purl Recently, we bead too wrong and so we Knit 3 row We come to knit
  • 04:30: fourth row first petelechka we 2 is removed facial 2 face then here we are talking two loops we threw 1 Wrong and here is one petelechka we threw we mean it and provyazyvaem wrong here, these two loops we provyazyvaem 1
  • 05:00: and purl loops 2 facial that's one of our elongated and petelechka 1 Wrong, we provyazyvaem 2 petelechki together purl loops 2 2 facial petelechki provyazyvaem one seamy 2 petelechkoy facial 2 together petelechki 2
  • 05:32: 2 facial petelechki 2 together facial 2 together purl latest Wrong so we risunochek Now we continue to continue
  • 06:03: Now picture us will be repeated third row that is one we petelechku remove 1 we petelechka then we face we start knitting needle in previous row pull petelechku The following have petelechka we wrong wrong on knit second
  • 06:33: Wrong then facial previous row pull petelechku 2 Wrong obverse pulling a previous and the last bead
  • 07:22: translation of the sixth row we repeat the same basically three fourth row 2 facial then those two petelechki who have We had one Air type and provyazyvaem 1 Wrong in facial 2 one wrong 2
  • 07:55: facial and one seamy so knit to the end last an edge
  • 08:27: wrong here we such a pattern is obtained it Wrong side of this we front front Side 1 bead Loses 1 front needle introduced into the bottom
  • 08:57: seize thread 2 purl front thread plant in bottom row grab 2 Wrong face we start a thread 2 purl
  • 09:28: overturn our
  • 10:04: first product 2 is removed facial 2 facial and then our Dialed one petelechka this and provyazyvaem one seamy Now we have such
  • 11:02: Wrong side You see here mainly facial petelechki and facial side of this beautiful gum obtained