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The BEAUTIFUL PATTERN connected by spokes - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Today, I'll teach you lick here such beautiful convex pattern even recruit the number of loops 22, loop remove an edge
  • 00:31: loop next st provyazyvaem seamy go in the loop is not first and the second loop grab the thread pulling thread
  • 01:03: then go to the first loop and the front stenochku grab thread and pull it and only then shoot 2 loops provyazyvaem seamy loop again shown We introduce a needle into
  • 01:36: the second loop pulling thread back to the first loops for the front stenochku grab thread and then later remove loops 2 provyazyvaem following the wrong and so on until the end of the series
  • 02:06: finish first
  • 03:12: number of crossed two eyelets next loop Wrong and closing an edge seamy loop and turn work in the second row remove an edge next loop we face loop on disposal
  • 03:42: ahead thread It is working again leave the second loop enter the right needle grab the left thread and then later the first loop and also grab the thread and pull the left
  • 04:14: spoke 2 loops do front loop and again we have a thread work ahead go second grab loop thread the first loop and has then remove the tabs on the left
  • 04:44: spoke next front We have a working
  • 05:40: thread work ahead go second pull loop working with thread then the second loop We go first loop and pull the working thread with the first loop and and even then remove two loops with needles provyazyvaem front and Again following 2 loop crossed finish front and
  • 06:26: seamy provyazyvaem an edge loop it was in the second row with the third row pattern repeats as in the first row subscribe to
  • 08:35: subscription and will be in continue to have opportunity browse Free lessons Knitting is not just Knitting and crocheting but