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  • 00:00: hello and long time on my channel there were no with play all passing and like I would like I beg your pardon for it's that shit It's time to plunge into the world of zombies land from this video I begin the passage games letv 12 or how many call lcd2 what will I do will play in single game so as here basically
  • 00:30: online game for company and like give under tune the game you perhaps I'll start myself the very beginning of extinct center well level will be 1 of 4 yes friends I kind of do not I want to risk my put health the most difficult level is an expert
  • 01:00: or a master I will be on average since I still in this game a little bit a beginner can be said let me choose character and choose Alice but the name of his name of course cool but he looks like it's on my age and I will choose him what do I press the play button before the guys until the game I also want to load apologize for the fact that
  • 01:30: began with the second part not with the first I will pass obligatory well, a little later [music] they are fine for us seen yet not The world of the door he flew through the city so because of began from the fact that all reported I hope that
  • 02:00: they want to get confused did not take it instead of th class and it was and the like I armed myself took first aid kit took two a pistol and yes let 's shortly I will say that we have three satellites they tell us will help since this is a single a game but will not be us help pass the game is still a closet I'll say that here
  • 02:32: zombies are very nimble and their here very deaf about and endlessly You can go and praise hours like I will just go ahead because it's easier and convenient they like you noticed a bit tupory I mean that us
  • 03:04: while you are very close they did not come up you practically do not touches and does not notice kill this year I of course he did not manage it flunk [applause] [music] must beware of living there are such opponents are very such dangerous washed by someone that this room was a vacant lot for the Urals in my opinion gave took first-aid kit let's me
  • 03:34: recharge recharge well back I'm not coming back I will be so I this the hotel has already run although they want to reflect it should be some other need find a ladder but let's go back moreover I will say that if we ran through some kind of moment and come back back mostly there is no such thing here
  • 04:05: we have ahead that the rope village profit on the course so I also say that you need our bot help as they will help us well, that is birth went and so further it is necessary jointly treat them
  • 04:37: a little vomiting but not will be me beside what you will be theirs suspend similar I load the car and Yes the man left some bank with vomit and she attracts zombies that I recharge and will not meet some kind of vomit they will meet in
  • 05:08: heap together, together crowd and you can and I wanted to take somewhere here should be a cannon look at these crosses [music] This pipe is not okay Katana I do not need me will use guns when friends still wanted to ask if someone knows how edit here brightness tell me in
  • 05:39: comments because that I so completely do not measles as it does What weapons are not found it should be over here be but I'm a little bit lost and probably pills it this said brought said that nothing is shorter knows well, I think so let's move on
  • 06:09: chtozh drove me not here mini here for me here this on so is it with us Tokyo first threw out a jar of vomit vomit before vomiting
  • 06:41: do not intend to yes even here I liked that can I will achieve a second through characters run through Well, as if there is no effect delay if it costs some character there is some characters we need
  • 07:11: we can bypass it just run through it with a huni elevator and such here a syringe adrenaline so syringe whether she is separated from us heals the world forever a will understand on Is it so let me it'll get there
  • 07:43: speaker should be only no one else do not talk about this I do it only for you yeah thank you yeah yeah yeah by the way it's a bomb I have, as it were, hearing of such a detonation Is it possible in another way explain this thing now threw you I'll show you if somewhere and guitarists and here's to you I throw homemade
  • 08:14: bomb hobby over she attracts a little thing and that is sound attracts them and you can also crowds To blow up let's not under the sweep and take away water and this is his crinoline its in my opinion already took it away here is not linger and I I'll go further as would the purpose of the mission be
  • 08:45: helicopter I did not have time even has never been hit exactly wait until let me tell you not here very agile such
  • 09:15: and probably a couple and a night in the bank of any you I will come I'm reloading charge he so let me
  • 09:46: I throw the jar vomit quickly not gathered think up moreover I will say what is needed do not shoot of our helpers because
  • 10:16: we do this we will to kill is useful miracle we will try to pass over the ledge so I do not need a beat give I look that at us here If you but it's shorter can help treatment I did not even notice you let's somebody
  • 10:48: I'll surely heal I do not know how it is it's done so stay quietly so I'll take it back. it is possible by the way first-aid kits not pick up and I can not say this word I do not know why but not it turns out nothing oao all the fire we need bypass this fire from move on I still wanted the settings
  • 11:26: disable and hints and so I did not find off here is December and I'm there one more and that and jump guys sorry but I do not know why I can not say this word
  • 11:56: a game the people we are and here it is not clear Yes, sorry, I'm not old. noticed you area recharge so
  • 12:26: stand means this here we must be and life I'll take the Lebanese water and forehead very 1a I'll take a little vomit
  • 12:57: Let this vomit they meet at 4 is overflowed and all she is Do we have here worker by the way here a syringe adrenaline took a syringe excellent he forgot to take the syringe we all we have to go, we Well done all three like
  • 13:27: call just coach me I call you rachelle my name is liss but sometimes my name is me so do not like it too girls but you can call me L I did not mind the guys lived myself that my the character's name is Alice from and it's bad to give me will entrust us with some sort of I will still be alive and try use this piece for jeans click on this button in advance
  • 13:57: never be nothing is visible here so I'll put it right now
  • 14:28: jar load up turn on the flashlight because there is no features and on need from here
  • 15:04: get out because life goes in because of brima but they are currencies they are also me and vali but the plus is that they Without me, there is no go if i will stand still then they will stand with me So
  • 15:36: was killed let's fire i recharge clever so guys wait a minute there she is now all will pass you can go farther a and so it was I'm reloading
  • 16:10: I'm reloading So guys, we in front of the shelter I come one of them said and it's something men with adrenaline. saving something in this kind of it is closed but in principle I'm all took it is possible to leave and go to the point
  • 16:40: packages [music] at this point, come on come in come in call come in recharge close yes we just a doctor team this is who we have first [music] Well, I kind of like rode all
  • 17:12: Well, the guys probably on I will finish this this video because as if the time has come and the same as with you were not a misha thanks for your views subscribe to channel leave husky also write komenty but all for now till