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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with you the planet knitting and I Olga Bogan today we tight knit pattern which, together with the well stretched This relief pattern created by the embossed with columns two sc that tally before Business Jobs primary loop knit
  • 00:32: 2 air loop We introduce the hook in the first of these loops picks working thread and pull eyelet in the same loop provyazyvaem air loop the remaining two on hook knit loop together then re-enter hook into the shackle air hinges
  • 01:04: picks working the thread is pulled loop knit it air loop and two remaining on the hook loop provyazyvaem together we tied here 3 loops initial number 1 2 3 we need to link even number children 4
  • 01:39: business 6 ce 9
  • 02:15: 10 for registration side edge of the knit one air loop and a coupling we tied the initial dial-up number then knit 2 air hinges lifting the first series we will knit
  • 02:45: columns with one sc this number Auxiliary and pattern rapport on height it does not belong in the first row we
  • 04:15: turned 10 and columns 2 air hinges recovery work overturn knit second row airbag 1 lifting loop and second row, we will knit columns without sc overturn
  • 05:36: work on the front We proceed to the side knitting 3 rows make 2 air hinges rise and the first of a number of loop Court will knit here column one sc now we are making 2 sc
  • 06:08: skip the loop and knit relief picking column foot column with one sc associated with the first row now here's this
  • 06:46: skip the loop and following knit column one sc again to make hook 2 and sc knit relief picking column foot column first row And so it goes
  • 07:22: knit on alternating columns with one sc and relief with two columns sc we tied the third row
  • 09:01: all purl rows or the even rows will knit columns without sc 4 row knit columns, without sc fifth row fit
  • 10:04: similarly to the third Only a number of offset rapport Makes 2 Air loops rise and will knit relief column two sc picking foot column 1 sc we tied up in third row tied relief
  • 10:41: column loop missing and following knit column one then sc relief column and the last in this
  • 12:24: series is a column with one sc sixth row fit as well as 2 columns, without sc and then continue knit alternate with second to fifth row that's all
  • 12:54: stay with us subscribe to channel knitting planet on youtube goodbye