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We sew a textile doll in the Tilde style. A master class - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: Today we have with you very interesting topic we will make a doll tilde invented Norwegian artist Tony finnanger in 1999 each piece of master is licensing author toy is recognized and The world's favorite and needlewomen weight It uses ideas design and pattern that not to decorate
  • 00:31: my house unusual cute as strong bagatelles Hello my name is Natasha fact on I'm glad you like always welcome to our studio today have interesting lesson we are going to
  • 01:01: sew doll tilde the idea of sewing a dolls as well as other textiles performed in the same style toys belongs Norwegian artist Tony finnanger that in 1999 show the world your the first product is now each and tilde is an licensing toy her ideas patterns and design It uses masters Worldwide yes Of course if you sew like toy it will not be your
  • 01:31: and even if the author you have to solve it, and some change anything you add on themselves all the same it It is a toy style tilde but for those who just want to make pretty little thing and decorate her own house there will be no problems because such toy sewing very fun and easy I note that the tilde very recognizable as Tony I came up certain rules for which they are sewn and style that is all united here
  • 02:01: for example if you take Book way in tonic whom are looking at the patterns any picture at once It becomes clear that all that you see can live in one house that is there a certain style that unites all of the body of the What artist describes these toys, these toys textile manufactured not only natural fabric and flax or cotton way used and tinted fabric which can stain
  • 02:31: aniline dyes to leather girls toys example was tanned between many others masters paint tissue tea and onion husk but the way it is rather time-consuming and dangerous because aging these materials doll welcome and dyeing the fabric It should be smooth shadow stuffed synthetic padding and hollofaybera and gently and evenly
  • 03:02: good tight packing this is important, and there are still characteristic feature of these dolls hair on must be changed made of bulk soft yarn and their faces the conditional have drawn Do sewn points couple ie close set eyes and rosy cheeks applied the human but cosmetics blush example clothes for these dolls better sewing fabric patchwork of new and beautiful and in no case, do not take for this old rags
  • 03:32: ah yes that narrate I propose to begin work and yourself you'll want sew his own his first tilde or not sure that and do not want one So today we are with you Now sew this for small doll we need to work
  • 04:02: will prepare paper the pattern train a horse base cotton cloth two matching each other colors sintepuh filler or holofayber satin thin ribbons natural yarn for manufacturing hairstyles doll natural lace surround circuit according to cosmetic tissue blush wooden stick for stuffing and sewing machine I recommend to sew details namely on the sewing
  • 04:32: the car as neatness performance here very important as I have said sewn dolls tilde of the original Tony clothes patterns finnanger so we nothing We invent and applied complex twice linear and tissue draw out a pencil Our doll consists of three parts here such a body with a head and two hands below us We need to hold together the fabric to stitch details
  • 05:02: pattern generally accepted I sought to be tissue pins but due to that I kept they are my relatives collect them all over home sometimes absolutely not suggests it do I use stapler for papers very convenient and rugged the way it keeps the fabric in general or pins or how I stapler we Cloth fixed and sewing machine right in pencil line sewed all Details are not needed no allowances
  • 05:32: the seams are all easier stitched and cut receding floor seam centimeter of the way is not sure on the details retain unprotected small holes through which the need will turn and fill their and still before us start to turn out our stitched details to us you must do one very important step is to miss the mark textile glue
  • 06:02: place that will stick that is here here on the neck and legs We do it for so that after stuffing It was not strapped places and that the seam is not razosholsya and so the adhesive caused him to dry and scissors cycle fabric that's because after that we take stick for stuffing it is rather its help we gut-wrenching and then We attain our items for stuffing we use sintepon
  • 06:32: or holofayber I note that the gasket it is the most complex and perhaps the most time-consuming process manufacturing toys therefore it is necessary patience and do everything carefully tight and smooth on upholstery pledge that your toy get remarkable full of items we
  • 07:49: sew up a secret seal and go immediately to manufacturing hairstyles your doll first pencil We outline the parting which will sew strands generally at classical tilde It should be lush hairstyle show how it is necessary to work is not convenient on just such a yarn cotton first we need to 1014 to prepare strands 4 segment that is take a ruler or some stick and it measures off their
  • 08:19: That's how it is we have one strand and finally We start to sew head buddy We are doing so enter needle and thread from the forehead to the marked pencil lines putting a place strand of four segments and strengthen its this way making the needle step back and outputting needle just above I put
  • 09:03: next strand and fasten same manner so we do as
  • 09:33: Unless you will be satisfied hair of your doll Well, to finish the most complex making operation Tinta you can cut and tuck it as you I like to go select fabrics to start her decorate in general, I'm sure
  • 14:34: if you sew basis and dolls do her hair and then dress her up to you will have no Labor take any fabric for patchwork as I have said natural and new and Choose two of them pieces of similar color and pattern one cut We will sew pants our tilde take a cloth and fold it in half applied thereto our doll and determined with length and the width of the product
  • 15:04: mark and cut once we have cut pants on armholes and go to cutting dress take a cloth that will be in harmony with color pants applied thereto That's how our doll and
  • 15:35: Measure out four times and width and it is wide our dress cut it rectangle and fold it half now we We need to do the sleeve We add up again half cloth applied thereto hand puppets and draw out and and pencils he's so
  • 16:06: on the floor centimeters more and shear pins cut with an allowance at the seams Well, we can take
  • 16:55: sewing machine and sew all the details we should get two Sleeves and trousers and sure way to dress if you want to immediately sew lace and in but the general panties will not prevent and now just comes my favorite
  • 17:29: the time we dress up our doll, I note that it is quite simple start with panties we vdevaem crosslinked detail of our tilde and pins That's how our cry pants and to Italy Now we do tucks
  • 18:20: to remove excess volume extra volume we We clean and sew pants waist a hidden seam and to them is gathered from the bottom the easiest way to thread tape the needle and sew them on a monthly seam then pull and tie a bow 2 leg we do just the way the dress
  • 18:50: we collect on this same principle we take our crosslinked rectangle and as well as pants gathered on tape Further, we are threaded in doll dress and tighten it she's so in the neck Now bow here and so all
  • 19:26: easy turns very nice and cute Well, now who we turn out a workpiece vdevaem their hands our tilde and sew them a hidden seam in wrist you can sew here Lace as possible in my version decorate sleeve tape Well, then we have to attach the doll hands
  • 19:57: can simply sew but you can dress make buttonholes fixing the variant they will moving to do it should be easy pierce through needle and thread all workpiece and sew them through the buttons on the the sides of the well, and then we can only draw eyes and rumyanit on cheeks our utility First we outline pencil eyes and draw them textile paint
  • 20:27: but just make two point cheeks is easiest cause beauty blush well or dry pastels but all of your doll
  • 21:14: ready though wings on it will stand look far interesting but you and handle and without I have this simple sure but it seems to me that I
  • 23:10: today told you all that I know of ice you for sure You will find much More information I sure you will love these lovely dolls and sew none of my task was to show you that in fact It's easy and exciting and I hope it consulted but at least I my very tilde I like and I even know to whom I gave it a very good obedient girls well I love to do
  • 23:40: Original gifts and to please and their friends and still want to give you one piece of advice get pleasure work and try the forces in all creative directions that available to you and all of a sudden would you it is wrong textile doll what you need to happiness they decoupage or embroidered ribbons although in general, completely not necessary tilde become man Komi just sometimes need distracted from favorite types other needlework
  • 24:10: although as one said, craftswoman that tildochki not just they bewitch you fall in love Forever doll tilde sew their own hands not difficult it's hard not to make so and join with you had today Natasha fact at all and good bye