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Duplicator of intercom keys the hands  See details »

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  • 00:00: I welcome all who watching this video this video I want show simple duplicator like these electronic keys I've been wanting learn copy or duplicate here are keys but there was working schemes in many Internet is different schemes but firstly they complex in the second well, not all workers I also tried gather Duplicator keys on
  • 00:30: arduino but for some reason, I did not succeed in Internet video has where people man shows it works but I personally have not worked also has ponds Sales have already ready device but they are quite expensive and I do not see the point even buy them because I did not every day will duplicate the keys well, that I do not for a living and just decided make such
  • 01:00: duplicator simply expand its ken well as you I see here all sorts of I bought their preparations they stand on the aliexpress basically inexpensive and recently I have found working scheme of this key duplicator It is going to this scheme literally 5 minutes Well, very simple let me show you this scheme
  • 01:30: key duplicator Now this scheme itself duplicator key in based or heart this this duplicate on duplicator is here such well microcontroller fit 628 648 or 88 well of course if a device I gather this is it will not work it is necessary in this chip or in the microcontroller record program
  • 02:00: or just like they say sew this Well, in the microcontroller general record Determine program but to write this microcontroller you here is a need programmer it is connected computer in Internet in general very much like a video use this program there as well a lot of things written in general information so programmer you easy to find the necessary he was not only 10 $ 15 in general they very easy
  • 02:31: use any beginning ham be able to live this and microcontroller also repeat here Well this scheme or this I'm here this duplicator duplicator for this scheme collected literally 5 minutes also have a complex scheme it I walked display who wants the collect and put together but I simple circuit incidentally
  • 03:01: want if I said or not I said mean that the reference to this duplicator will video description there send download archive and the archive is full description of key duplicator schemes and also firmware Well, I want to say about the device yet the device is very Just a very easy repeated and very
  • 03:31: It works well so Now as you can see there there are three LED red yellow green red LED lights then when there is food in the scheme itself yellow Light LED then when it is in operation key reading and the green used but then when the lights record or key duplication successful Well, sometimes yellow green
  • 04:02: wink LEDs is then but winked and then when such the workpiece he can not describe move because the blank one-off Do not overwrite I aliekspress I bought here are Key blanks they all and rewritable Now here is my old harvesting was it is not on one-time fee well rewritable let's include it
  • 04:32: way device I want to say that this the entire circuit is powered voltage of 5 volts So I put pyativoltovy Stabilizer that general stabilizer voltage is applied there has nine 12 V and its output this stabilizer there will always be only 5 V in the general himself key duplicator powered voltage 5 volts well, let turn on and see this device works including Power Supply
  • 05:03: device me powered by block homemade food including Here's how you saw lit. burned cd LEDs like device but loaded let me disable the is not enabled and vice versa you see There are two power LED extinguished here is how it load as well let's try
  • 05:33: consider including reading information and see what happen here so I I will show to clearly to be seen Here you can see the key He was considered to like us duplicate the the key here is, it should be a button click here and there empty blank and let's duplicate
  • 06:03: you see it LED lit it means harvesting to duplicate again duplicate the blank here this blank, we again click on the button all again We represent a blank key, you see already 2 billet doubled since this is also non-operating
  • 06:36: preform is nowhere are not used I have to work there elevators and that the spit it is necessary to use use this one Key to the work on what we them further, these keys do not Let me here you have duplicates I zagotovochki So you see thought workpiece now I duplicates here
  • 07:09: I write it here Again push here's how you see, I made two new key is now We have to go to the elevator and check whether they work well but the more I want say here this work is not writable and I Now we try to her record and that happen by clicking on
  • 07:39: button again, and that's As you can see LEDs is mixed suggests that it can not be blank record Well, because it is already finalized and general video continued looking further we are now we will check Do these works here Keys I duplicates Well, let's check Now our keys is the key which we did not
  • 08:09: We were able to record and here key that we but were able to record and Now let's check elevator door and let Well try try red key you see any reaction and now check key that we We recorded here as you You do not see the door immediately opened here's how you You see how you see once the door opened everything works and keys We can do their
  • 08:39: write to Come wait come back red about all key fact no reaction and Now, let's not check