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  • 00:00: all greetings in this video I want and show you teach you to knit here is a tracery pattern he is very fit just with him handle even newcomers and, in principle, You do not even need to scheme I knitting baller me about her daughter I liked it very much and Now I hasten to share you who are interested Stay with me we are with you associate small sample dial air loop
  • 00:30: I think the air loop gain is already know how and if not then please refer to my first lesson there all explained in detail not gathering a certain number he approximately 20 pieces I will not even consider as it happened centimeters must everything will be enough to try this is the pattern I Now knit more
  • 01:00: bars without sc 1 number to basis for the pattern was more dense and long I'll knit little swami Chat now if you have already Regular viewers is my videos add to friends still write vkontakte me messages ask questions You may need to deal with you some scheme I always help than I can and if you are a first time but watch this video you are interested in something subscribe to my channel Now Now the screen you see
  • 01:30: a reference on the go it before you open the main my channel page and there red a button to subscribe I will be very happy I will meet you nice if you become my audience it adds VKontakte's friends provyazyvaem such ryadochek columns without sc and now Getting it to the pattern for the next series for lifting Makes 2 Air loop and now we will strengthen our
  • 02:03: The first bar in fourth from the bottom loop you can even find So you see, if so tilt we see as if that's pigtail We see these links pigtails 1 2 3 4 Here she is now which we will knit and so do nakida and We do here in this fourth loop 3 column one sc's doing first pulled further through two series one is
  • 02:33: even column one sc and another get 3 Now we are doing 2 aerial loops and Again in the same We make one hole another column
  • 03:04: Here's a look we have an element turned see three a small column opening another Now such elements and is the entire pattern on it just continue and even when we do the next row that is unfold they are knitted knitting in the same way again to do sc do the same element in the fourth hole from here
  • 03:34: this where we're knitting 23 phrases here and here 4 here and hereinafter to the end number of repeat such same elements when knitting this a pattern that would look at the end of knitting here these elements remained here is a small Now do a ponytail last column with
  • 04:04: one sc this It will be like the end of a number And now the most interesting how continue to knit everything was beautiful and pattern unfold everything is much easier more precisely, we were binding as completely not changing those elements and their position as we knitted previous series do rise two air loops We do sc and our 3 column we do But in this arc
  • 04:34: also make three column one sc just do 2 aerial loops and more one bar here in this same arc it turns out that
  • 05:05: front Wrong our side basically almost no different and pattern will interesting and beautiful then we do not bottom you need to retreat 4 loop and we just will each such next item knit here in this lower arc I think for a while you watched this video above from ease and remember this pattern and how it Now I knit I tie the series up see the end of that turn to
  • 05:35: clarity, I Knit 4 rows to It sees better himself pattern and I'll show you you each such number will need to just finish one column with But in one sc the edge of the bottom series, we begin a series of lifting of 2 or 3 and where air loop concludes column one sc is a very simple tracery beautiful pattern even for a beginner I think it is useful any knitted
  • 06:07: things can be linked plaid blouse scarf almost any product because It is not very much holes and looks very good and universally the next lesson on example of this I rectangle I show you how to tie very easy rim which can be Remember, without any schemes there and it can be tie any the product is to meet the following until all the lessons