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  • 00:00: questioning to this video I sent my subscribers will Irina she sent me here such a scheme requested in their videos how to disassemble fit here such element called it embossed with a column one sc in here but bars are right and wrong in fact, this very fit element it's just an ordinary column one sc
  • 00:30: you already know knit and if not You know how to look at the references on my under the previous lessons but this video different such Only the column where and how he mounted on this I was beginning to scheme knit that is, He scored air lifting loops made two air loops and knit conventional columns with one nakida a number Now is not turned note that Now such the arrows are on
  • 01:00: schemes and draw it is the beginning of the series in which way to read scheme and knit and always from right to left following which a number of we will need to provyazat it's this one here 3 ryadochek here we unfold knitting out there we knit as I already said right right left but read scheme will be here on arrow and so this column one sc rotated is such a Ducky's bottom
  • 01:30: refers to the face or wrong today I'll tell you how distinguish between the front and wrong and then show how they tally here look at me I have this ruse and if you your hand bend at the elbow and stretch a little bit in front of the bending such as the right hand Here is a in this side here here's shoulder suppose elbow hand here mostly the right hand is the same
  • 02:01: workers will be considered how would Yes, that's the main thing the front bar it as if the main so turn But in this side here how is our hand right yes it will the front bar always turn here in this side Imagine if you Now bend Initia pull ahead left hand bend hand slightly from those goods you will like Here is such a bend in the right side
  • 02:32: and the left hand is supporting the there is not the main we so we assume that this way column auxiliary is and so wrong defined rotation that's right up is looking facial bars and behold a here Bending looking left it is wrong and now I'll show you how quickly and easily these columns tally on our scheme do
  • 03:03: Air lift 2 loop 1 the scheme we face relief column one sc look where his mount's second lower column from the edge where here the first column, we had made 2 Air loop for lifting the there is air loops replaced as the
  • 03:33: here to column 2 is the next, and that's the pigtail so far we were to knit here comes hole wherever we were tied ordinary post with one sc on us relief column very easy to fit see also itself We do sc and now look far attach look at the bottom We are held column here it is So great the front bar attached here and so so you can see for a column
  • 04:06: and then in the same way gat additional loop and provyazyvaem pull only good and provyazyvaem like ordinary post with one sc one additional two one further through two here and all our embossed front column regular column only snag how much it knit more at our scheme is embossed backing column one
  • 04:36: nakida we face knit Now show wrong need to look clearly see where it the lower bars that we will attached here he is our an extra column is now embossed backing column will strengthen to him and made sc now with feedback hand we cling for the bottom column, you see as if we pull out we needed our you want us to work
  • 05:07: loop that's pulled They stretched and now provyazyvaem like ordinary post with one sc take extra take two further through 2 and we get this You see a convex the front bar embossed backing are there somewhere in the distance If you turn here see further on scheme we are
  • 05:37: reiteration face relief bar backing front and purl then just look Repeat after me, and You try all We will do sc front relief column It means here front fastened stretch out further through two additional through two Now backing
  • 06:09: relief column Again look nakida where we have lower column which and this will strengthen in this way purl provyazyvat not always convenient but nothing at all you received and We pulled out now through 2 2 in principle this pattern
  • 06:42: alternating facial and wrong relief columns it involves both would rezinochku ie Here's how knitting spokes is elastic This is how and when crochet, too available rezinochku more again face be strengthened like this manner that's so easy to fit
  • 07:14: relief columns right and wrong that, in principle, Here one sc but as you already I think guessed they can be and two are nakida their only where and how to attach them I I hope this item you had no idea will make you further complexity read it in the schemes if you find were to me questions write to
  • 07:44: dobovlyaet me friends VKontakte subscribe to my channel so as not to skip new thanks for the video thank you note Irina for the request and to meet the following video yet