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  • 00:08: the spool holding on the same mechanism can can collect dust here here I have here you have too Here at the tip of it so that here, too, preferably all
  • 00:30: walk through the brush at cleaning wolf better remove himself spiers holder can also some typewriters and then pull out It will be available instead Cleaning dust and dirt on some machine put little flags on both sides or some latch they can simply hands and push Now get this bobbin unfortunately
  • 01:01: I screwed it will not need untwist bolts to remove but now try here I I removed the spool holder and see what He was with us within here we also It is dirt layer and went well
  • 01:30: rammed 20th right now but evidently It seems to be a little but for man this will enough to some of his brake some time when administered another does not. you It will open after that it can once again sew and again break so you can
  • 02:00: to suffer for a long time Here, too, we need to clean the dust It accumulates due the fact that there needs a lubricant such as oil to us We know very dust sticks and so The conclusion if you are not severely own screwdriver and teams mechanisms collect dismantle the here already have to invite the master, he to you it's all about will clean and lubricate your machine again earn although it is hollow hair nothing if you have installed
  • 02:30: some flags that let's remove this Thing spool holder without problems, it also and then easily pasted you insert scroll left right on the snap in its place then again boxes rotate your its position and will all work before this all cleaned if understands you as I have at screwdriver is It will certainly be for you
  • 03:00: difficult but if you cope with this fact this is a plus for you if No need to call master so after All these manipulations we collect all feedback sequence if someone deciphered start assembly That's how the shuttle is assembled it back here where he sits in position on the need to groove a little oil drip and makes a modicum
  • 03:32: scroll it operation can repeat three times Now all we know that our chelnochok will walk wonderful set glad our hen our until it clicks as our machine in the raised state can additionally lubricate all moving parts on rollers
  • 04:00: for example here at droplets drip here here here if I rub Circuits Here you can include twist and see where that moving and lubricated here we saw here there are some moving parts of their
  • 04:30: too little can not but still miss the mark zalyu little mop Well, quite a lot not too zealous need for sufficient drop collect all our car back close collect needle plate close
  • 05:03: set pubis establish our Christmas tree right in Here we long carved stones We put the stop and tightened pulling
  • 05:31: no thread just check 1 our first chili lines from the edge here it is a little bit goes to Now there is no oil to collect surplus oil about a meter you just need to fix
  • 06:00: this oil is all gone superfluous all that's all next lesson I I spend panic if your education top or bottom WHEN SEWING thread throws a loop either upwards or downwards We'll talk about it in the next lesson to meetings