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How to salt Red Fish!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I tell and show how pickle red fish I took a salmon fillet lemon sea salt sugar and bay leaf I washed fillets I skinned for to evenly fillets clogged need skin necessarily and now it is necessary to remove get rid of small seed by using tweezers or a small knife at the bottom of the mold in which
  • 00:38: we salt sprinkle with a little sugar and salt decompose bay leaf little sprinkle with salt and more laid on top fillets and sprinkle again sugar
  • 01:09: salt for salting best to take large sea salt do not be afraid to overdo fish, fatty fish excess salt is not a take Pour lemon juice
  • 01:51: Cover with fish film remove fillets a day in refrigerator day passed fish and prosolilas Now it needs to be with running cold water fillet promakivat paper remove towels excess moisture
  • 02:21: It remains ready to fish cut into pieces Here is a salted I fish
  • 02:52: happened try prepare for our family recipe all pleasant appetite to new meetings until