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How to make footwear\/insoles with heating the hands \/ How to make DIY heated insoles - YouTube

How to make footwear\/insoles with heating the hands \/ How to make DIY heated insoles - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hi my dear friends! Today’s edition is a Pre-New Year edition. New Year is a time of exchanging of gifts. Our regular sponsor which is a popular Internet shop JD.ru is offering special prices on its products yet again. For instance a high-quality quadcopter Syma X5C with a camera costs just 63.99 $. It’s really an amazing gift for an available price. Besides you can find a large collection of hundreds of other useful staffs with special offers on JD.org
  • 00:31: Follow the link given in the video description Choose all you like and order as soon as possible. Your orders will really be delivered quickly and for free. So, guys in order to make such heated insoles we will need: two insoles, a piece of nichrome wire, it’s a 4 meter long piece of wire. We will need 2 metres of the wire for one insole and 2 metres of the wire for the other insole. The wire is 4 mm. thick. We will also need heat shrink tubes, needles with threads, a wire, a connector, a power supply.
  • 01:03: It has to be 12 volt and 2-3 amperes electrical current power supply. In general 1-1.5 amperes has to be supplied to each of the insoles. First of all we have to thread 2 meter long and 4 mm. thick nichrome wire all the way through the heat shrink tube. Then we have to heat it well in order not to let the wire slip free when threading the wire through. After inserting the wire and heating it we can bend the wire into the snake-like shape onto the insole
  • 01:44: and sew it on with the help of the threads. So guys, our insoles are almost ready. What is left is to connect the wires.
  • 02:22: Since nichrome wires are not soldered we will have to connect the wires with the help of these four pieces of twisted wires. Let us connect this same wire to the wires of the other insole. Polarization doesn’t matter in our case. Let us strip the wires in the middle and solder the connector to them. Polarization doesn’t matter again.
  • 03:05: Our insoles are ready. It the time to try them out. First of all let us connect the our power supply cable to the connector. Then let us turn it on and insoles are already getting warm. It takes just a few seconds. Thanks to the 12 volt and 2 ampere power supply and 4 meter long in total and 4 mm. thick piece of wire.
  • 03:36: Two meters for each of the insoles. The insole will never be hot or cold. They will be comfortably warm for your feet. You can use them when sitting at your computer desk or when setting off on a winter fishing trip. You can use a 12 or 18 volt screwdriver battery as a power supply. At the same time you will have to install a regulator. Because with a regulator the nichrome wire will be red hot. With a regulator
  • 04:07: you will always be able to control your temperature. Today’s edition is over. If you want me to upload winter videos on my channel more frequently, don’t forget to click the “like” button and share in your comments what you would like me to show in my next video. Have a good day. Bye, bye! Did you know? SolePower engineers designed a new device which is called “Sole Power”. It looks like an insole and is basically nothing more but an insole. On the top of that it generates power to charge your mobile devices.