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Our favourite cottage cheese casserole\u000d\u000a1 incomplete glass of semolina,\u000d\u000a1 glass of sour cream or fat kefir,\u000d\u000a2 packs of cottage cheese,\u000d\u000a3 eggs,\u000d\u000a1 incomplete glass of sugar,\u000d\u000a0,5 tsps of soda, \u000d\u000a0,25 tsps of lemon acid, \u000d\u000a1 tsps of starch,\u000d\u000avanillin, muscat, cardamom to taste.\u000d\u000aTo mix a semolina with sour cream (kefir), to leave on 1 hour to pound cottage cheese, yolks and sugar in a separate bowl. To beat whites to steady peaks. To connect semolina and cottage cheese masses. To add soda, acid and starch, to Pour out in a form and to bake.