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Tremendous story of Grigory Gorin. It is worth reading to everyone: The father was forty years old, to Slavik — ten, the hedgehog — and that has less. Slavik dragged a hedgehog in a cap, ran to a sofa on which the father with the opened newspaper lay, and, choking with happiness, cried: — Fathers, look! The father postponed the newspaper and examined a hedgehog. The hedgehog was snub-nosed and nice. Besides, the father encouraged love of the son to animals. Besides, the father himself loved animals. — Good hedgehog! — the father told. — Handsome! Where got? — To me the boy in …  See details »

Чудесный рассказ, спасибо.
Замечательный рассказ!Очень понравился!😊


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