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  • 00:00: between Thursday start working upon it's very easy so was the first model that I developed elizete beside my mother said the area is named after it portrays the first ferry offers parking was damon and if they think that to enter years note responding to this is bruna says Brasilia on Hadrian's area in beautiful tribute and received nothing so handle without as yet does not leave the tite has sites and probably will need win I made and all bags that are on the site are the goal and did against and also the arrows are the names it are people in my family
  • 00:32: He is wanted everyone to speak to Abdulla rule the least that we moth goals now I'm getting so surely everyone will have his name echo Requiao also will then we have the highest tax burden in the industry is betting on speed access just as you have ah td resende the area where simple They are small things years 15 measures Hill pendelis Hill measures that change as it is a bad he has said this of watching this chicks that portion will
  • 01:04: more so if you give me her yes the black rectangle in calama measure seduce discovered and 70 another embezzlement two and a half on May 27 sorry 35 points 9 mm but as a hobby so we will we scratch the name and we'll cut the death of two people then it is interesting but as our
  • 01:37: searches announced in a mold so that we do not do not miss much on the 3rd and all the nieces that will surely occur you guard that we bounce around comes placement the whole family part is the closing stock so come we will cut two pieces 10 of the same size been little Latin and that is good is that I prefer is collapsing because the pen we go to this scholarship it going this material and human
  • 02:08: if you take a shower suddenly you are with the pen can canequela tissue system then surely pencils you will not have a scholarship which was marred on Tuesday that because of podium sworn kick or have some It is that at the wrong time at the same level being accessed they are Upcoming
  • 02:40: Lucas and Alan kardec it is very easy right as a fan rodrigo cited casey stoner forecasts of the state and has brought something that not only have good made between the chairs but that was not what I could have stayed between the 15 days of my pocket the gym no yes we would we would arrange a way so the lender is the woman is a Well I've downloaded the boy cut so often announced to be measured
  • 03:10: equals but you'll get the two measures in preference each time you access if you do located beside the center what you will do with the dummy up it will cut more good luck News a stick and you will double reptiles and intimate evening nine suspects here all think that arises is that for every critical of each route a small
  • 03:42: and also get forward benzema Northern stumble that things will improve Initially the team would fight the morning as long as I need to make very tiny story not therefore we cut too big so you can do better the hard way if not exactly this gap in the scenario you pass sewing quintão you will end up losing balls like it here the same thing this is one of the fastest growing but the best selling because it is very
  • 04:17: practice the party all categories if you do as increasing the bag boot are located between now you will score on the feet of the right brand the two parts cadu sorry middle left 10 cm and the middle of the right who try to flee from anything ten centimeters
  • 04:48: there are only at the top here the same thing the middle to right 10 cm from the middle to the left peter Siemsen marcos has passed you go and above all that you got here I did all these events you will bend it will make you a pre cinnamon tarta is going out of the work reports what to do with a preguicinha
  • 05:20: to adapt on site are claiming that you will make nonsense of the brand that parmalat you did put as final highlight of sedetec posture of peace where you marked here the same thing Beijing China 3 500 if they conform phillips care also time for you Freitas is to take the two have to be in the same position is invited to out the re-registration
  • 05:53: Aracruz by vcp headquarters the show starts to get scared that she marry her is us it is not known by whom sought goal as shown by the connected TV BIOSUL so that the same thing but in training and left the adobe the assembly for now you will not get ahead of them give good if the proposal is approved avoid doing is partner of Italy
  • 06:26: the contact of the rock a time no doubt as to scholars and violets in sinop and work as is the case pm nakajima Pronasci even those who have a sewing d newton little managed to win in Brazil very quiet buy ever never seen nepal can be discussed is true that you can do in the area have for me so many cruise and the affected area the impact of plans to stage the piece is not exactly what you will do
  • 06:59: you will pass a sewing out out in two squares the two begin to spend machine after you did that you will punish both ends they have to be always the same extent and the folds married grow Now you'll have to resort to Finerge but what I try to want me fine the team repeat know it will make all sewn back it is a pity
  • 07:30: and will to mark and leave so not turn once not vote the risk seems so averse Right not novel here you will kiss her art reserved Now we go to another stage we'll now I need excuse us be quiet We have to cut four measures the extent of 35 per hour ie need four decades this measure 35 hours
  • 08:01: john goulart that I brought three per state or if you need more but among us do but finish here I already have eight centimeters to 35 at the time of confusion and everything there is everything
  • 08:32: the inmetro the team found damaged by sector and that we did not like see reality if she had cut anyway she will end up giving defect then sometimes you have a purse took a while back then you know that it's over she's with different measures however now we'll do We took the four steps I will do what you can do only here all the the same statistical basis of the time you will put 4
  • 09:02: measures 35 as it is you're going to catch It has difficulty cbn Comedian it up to 18 and military then you will pay will be marked 18 on me all the pieces 18 million cesar money
  • 09:32: 18-20 days with up to 17 February and 17 February and the idea is to invest in sources now it is that the plot had card or lack the right Vasco 17 is 07- Here all four stages and all four walls of the bar with the four parts you will see again middle to right eight centimeters in half a year in 2000
  • 10:04: such drop was centimeters email because just ask more than you marked since you scored eight and Midle when we do the joy of half a centimeter and a half so here it will spend eight and a half centimeters here ended up with the seven meters and half of the centers to the right or left of center mark tucker same eight centimeters and a half to 23min
  • 10:34: was my he explains but my thoughts Bush all bridges you will see how is a phase ii and this is a bag that she does not get to that position Rio apparent within the you you so you know you see her posture right this will you see that we untap the bag will stay
  • 11:04: heavy losses saved bush we going to do now I came back walks launch the fact that competition already with treatment usually make the vendinha following cakes 25 to 50 meters to do our part commit ourselves with promises of end job I do not even know what to think at the time I brought over 20 years led by the handles 60 that will put not be if you want to make a bag a little bit but Costinha
  • 11:34: as more gentle loop can be placed then you will get two handles 60 cm a workout then you will get one of these parts these but when these markings you did you catch one of tips you go I put yes here I'll put more confidant are you going to spend the brand
  • 12:04: the two states on both sides to stop and to the same extent that we let up a little bit to have been given even a little it out to facilitate later turned out it is not health It is always the same as they always get to spend their colleagues area you places the bag on shoulder you will do it all just in half of the field capitalism
  • 12:34: It must have been It is exported the emergence of he would not resist such a fabric and it both for those who stay attentive and this was also loves me also a new placement sum is the design of the girl who is doing among other smaller car then the Sometimes we at you forget in front with a tragic thing to the treatment this detail
  • 13:04: jd you check how the girl being done if you put an out-of-game that usually floral and do not have much direction no matter the country to scale to a deserted road in internet 70 items even to understand that it is every time I'm enjoying it less question is very difficult I do not know that these two meetings the two rose placements you will this in the can you will pass a end to end sewing strengthen the tips in the pants and no problem is that it will get a little
  • 13:35: it's normal here on the other side the same thing It can be a reinforcing seam loops then you will punish these two parts yes you will pass the sea the student reinforced when you pass the posture you will opened forgotten to bring you complete finished it is not that rudeness finish that she has to okay delicate
  • 14:06: these two parts you will see passed in Durango step-by-step food inflation the average goals giving many people he explains décio concern to pass across he did not want to be careful with the marking I felt the score haia one over there that the weight of the sp and are not just three centimeters longer gives a very big difference and one then so the marking bag has to be top scorer
  • 14:38: Indeed this new system companies interested in investing more in budget issue did no good just think here with us is not everyone has a Brazil example forced to leave the place and opportunities here showing that I I can do today on wood Iraqi troops attacks that left the company for opportunities also weighs 30 of criminality realities good finish of separation we will put the right side
  • 15:08: for a right late do not forget the open seams they have to be centralized and there you will find the tip of the tip piece goin to because outside to counterpoint We have brought jobs uniting is the standard procedure criminal proceedings are missing tvs other what is happening in the parks I see this garbage trail
  • 15:40: do not be no doubt slow growth in defaults trading places in each session I think even those who already have little experience of parents definitive twins doing the Alfenense here we are agentless it is the program truly myself is very busy and industry cni well as illegal
  • 16:12: we are not concluding the process pass the posture Tarquini again reinforced and handles other times and then you will get a person has graduated this is what you will ending this step by step here would psb April to posture inside is exactly for her does not get to that finish Brazilian April to full strength every opening of faith
  • 16:42: done it done that you will punish the doors again the need to make right right He opened the festival that will unite again right with right yet he confessed to killing the same is again open seam with posture well being of the patient nothing in front these will again
  • 17:13: the position of this side psb you that's what you'll get paloma speed up a little but and Asia and I see that his weapons in town only that we went around the room and will be fine this format looks if you will pass the Senate and ask what you will get on the table in this format here and yet the site serves you not throw away you
  • 17:43: You need to put you will put a reinforcement on the inside of the button dilma came to put the magnet be redeemed and not just surf the semtran soboce will take another a little then you or use a piece of secretaries the implant will be from within not from this part here currently the fine bags and even though you'll also manages that team that net income adjusted such all Prof. soon as it can do
  • 18:14: but in peaches to be here with fire just like cooking just that there is a detail you will put in your pocket by inside the site of the room and tried to impose in and has a pocket silva then you can put with a zipper pocket or without will do the same in the same mold the bag you will leave like fire you will leave but at least one from the outside london and you'll generate the forró damned you will leave the fire to the right teacher
  • 18:45: if primary role but he forgot minute weaving is a fabric imported We talk in black because we even fire order the statue built in the middle mesh not the party it seems that you will assemble this bag with this part of your beauty so come on then we will pick up that I brought another part of bag already sewn you will leave the bag the bad side on the right side
  • 19:18: or sometimes for you the focus is on the right side you will fit within the bag forgiveness first time grace you will put the farm on the inside of the bag nobody here looks assembly has q the side seams not forget that they have married everyone is thinking as such will turn what I have is a fan event
  • 19:50: so we had to show was put to close the door of the back talita sesc in the lateral walkways must marry and whenever the cost of the work done it for that track that is already sewn then you will put me fire what do you think of gironde the right for you that's what I've done everything conspires Japan in a country here is little
  • 20:22: then it will stay that way good luck to learn that fire done what we'll do is that part yes and the Moscow show open then we will make the person you are the fire for you because of this farm let's pull the ausãªncias and we'll pull the bag because of the delicacy
  • 20:54: the FUNDAC materais all good and will have to go through this harsh criticism that deep in the background is that which is written by hand madness and careful not to spoil forró's stance to not the way it is I have a team wins 1 I liked that cool Folhapress check since the bag is entirely peaceful with finishes that
  • 21:27: just so far I took over the team that proof david reck bush son and here to have not eita flute bag but here the model that is already closed and even corners minutes prontinha action and even cite personal 12 here is not to make a hut waste these same people playing so bad were not drain rivals in this so here you have a finish They can enroll in the beneficial and ninth - Ready juice
  • 21:59: filipe state milk scallop defender says and even perfume barbosa usually placed or other type of opening each letter in US exchange detected line parallel that tournament the master here you can put the red you can make a landing can not put a tube to her with the pocket you can change the handles put aquilani stroke also made with all joy to put these area showerhead accessories Brazilian judo
  • 22:31: the expense but the defense godinho want to do beautiful Peta castle know if she thinks no feelings you can put a handle 40cm look out the troika is one thing a firm hand this is a hand pouch is a very beautiful coat of girl right worth she has a history have there persevering was used and now trying to do in each pocket is not subject ugly crowd that also asks us to her knowledge I do not understand you do not need to congratulate
  • 23:01: I have to thank here in our land it is open Senate