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  • 00:00: his previous I showed the video how to make furniture drinking bowls for cells quails and of there with Broiler Chickens with bird inside I just came to the conclusion empirically it nipple drinkers very large spread water and even with all that I was there I made such a drop but they trap manage care this water to scatter to such an extent that as the pallet flows
  • 00:31: respectively droppings all wet well and fathoms smell in the general cow but I thought, as it were think of Dad Christmas tree to automatically detergent dispenser and at the same while the water level but somehow regulated means that for this I need you here Such a closure of bottles of wine gun piece of thick foam a certain amount aluminum
  • 01:02: wire can be copper piece of rubber rezinochki it can be even from school eraser and a piece of rubber piece myagenkoy very soft some gum Well I'm here for this things took a seal piece seal for wounds for windows for doors and normal pen this ball well, that is,
  • 01:32: it may be such Any generally well only I would be here in a sharp tip It was here that all so we know that's this here piece we aluminum welling like this fold in half here and cheat on clocked up a nail and on the other hand
  • 02:03: same Makarych or here such here you design We get a little bit his word well that is it should be completely available on this carnation rotate etc. But in this part of bent we put a piece of but relatively hard rubber gum and so here stifle that it does not
  • 02:33: He fell with a sharp knife cut off the excess outside of it, we just in order to increase this is now Here is the area for then on to she glued a piece myagenkoy gum here so nail back and on this side, we fasten the plug
  • 03:04: after taking sewing nail there we will be at your fingertips We prick to the edge the fact that the well aluminum wire wire it is unlikely and insert it in the general Now plug in the design we get here this design here she is now here it is all that is now take a piece
  • 03:40: plastic pipe, we it may take the economic store in a department with Sanitary there all sorts of bells and whistles So I took some economic store such pipes usually wound plastic cellophane and 1 minute and half here at we half It has turned into one end of this plastic excuse this spout tube and
  • 04:11: already we glue on rubber adhesive piece foam so one turns then opening it empirically there while not immediately Do not hurry through hole glued on rubber glue because foam on any another glue that on he acetone starts to dissolve itself foam but in general and bonding good speech is not other end of
  • 04:42: I use the gutter soldering them empty there some tucked under hand plastic so here soldered tight inside Well, one more time has passed rubber glue Just fire to is sealed close remember that we have here is water the length of the pipe is the length the cell or and mechanical parts or front abilities
  • 05:14: we feeder means we reverse side and in length and a little centimeters longer 15-20 feet to it grounds maintenance cells to bird could reach mechanism before year regulatory time especially peck foam and half all of it only when rags status etc. in the pipe Make a hole one second learned to
  • 05:44: what to fix Now this here design for video Now available on moves on carnation so I and he took another of pens should be to make such a piece cut using sawing almost here such small steps drummer shaybochki insert cloves do hole dress
  • 06:14: This agar is not drummer teacher Now dress more nail sticks our dress design again adding stop further You see right through here at us what happened here such here a swing but according to
  • 06:47: This foam I holes already made reserve this piece fountain pens and now is all clear here connected to tube on which water will flow of capacity that there hanging on the wall or It stands on the cell as Once the water has reached a certain level cork rises and Plugs of this thinly holes the water level in the trough
  • 07:17: she drinkers Well regulated well, just more little stick push it pen all in the gap less respectively for to plug it's all water water should be less well climb here in general and all all all this system Well, in order to secured to itself cell Oh well here too Well, I took the copper wire so you and
  • 07:47: cleverly bent ie we put in range also in the hole I advance drilled here it will be here since on the other hand the same thing and then that's it given us construction here I bent demand until I to bend at an angle of 90 degrees and all this
  • 08:19: poilochka she just on the cells of the cell time hung with two hooks and all unity remind remember that this is Now the whole structure Denmark is not a bird We must reach because there are constantly pecking at the it will plug to pass water therein the water will be over the edge Styrofoam is not is heated for half a day too close something so there is no cover meaning you have to Well
  • 08:49: in control What to see there You know the situation all you can go though some tin jars and put on top all tin of it is about to Generally all previous video on my channel but there have nipple drinker but I think all clear all clear watch the channel sign up