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LOOPS FOR BUTTONS Knitting by spokes #12  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I want to show you the way in which I for use as provyazyvaniya or knitting stitches look very important to know how much loops we need ie close depending on size buttons I'm here 4 as the closed loop Just for this size buttons to keep it stretched if we take this this buttons of it slightly smaller therefore, the size of It comes part and
  • 00:30: It comes out very easily and will stretch to wear and this size just means when we come already to the point where we have to I make a loop knit one loop we need to close in my case, the hinges 4 there provyazyvaem 2 loops along the front I provyazyvayu for the rear wall of dress loop back to the left provyazyvaem needle 2
  • 01:00: front loop return loop on left needle that is, we have closed already two loops 3 and my case 4 loops it can be 5, this 2 can all be
  • 01:30: It depends on the size buttons, and then I provyazyvayu front I go by the pattern Wrong bead , the front shooting I provyazyvayu facial 2 and following a number of us you need to dial 4 loops for this twist yarn
  • 02:01: and thus Dress her up to the right loop and tighten one loop 2 third and 4 and further knit pattern of period we also knit
  • 02:31: on the pattern that is I knit my basic pattern and here knit facial loops that is, these tabs we scored them provyazyvaem facial that's all try
  • 03:01: try to do loop through equal the number of rows the count to 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Every 8 rows 8 rows I wish the loop all good moods see you bye bye