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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends decided today how to record a video make such such a device which is called Malka is a carpenter or plumbing adaptation at her and plumbing and joiner is intended for angle measurement drawing different lines under different angles Here, for example angles you need to measure to 90 degrees you take ordinary
  • 00:32: protractor measuring 90 degrees 90 so I do not know whether seen you twist and then just draw a line at the desired length or let you You want to make a frame The same method measure to help protractor 45 degrees expose pinch and draw a
  • 01:04: line at the desired length Here's a slice Now here it is here adaptation she is very just for this we need 2 cane here such length any length in fact that you want Statement sphere Now holes in one quadrate with a file so here is such a Furniture screw climbed
  • 01:34: there will not cranks We do to toast points here Such are the hidden pocket and here also drilled hole under for the under shurupik here such and hole here for example this screw me 42 millimeter and she core somewhere 3 here are three millimeters
  • 02:04: millimeter drill holes to chic it does not split dostochku we take ordinary line drill hole and choose Here is such a fazik and just an ordinary line for to the bottom here also take ticker the drill hole you can take Sodium can not take in sbiraetsya it here
  • 02:35: so he line twirl screws so here We fall into the hole spinning and also there are so enliven Then take this one
  • 03:08: line piece for our pair spasibki fazikom paste the embed here shurupik furniture's straight shaybochki take Here is such a lamb and unscrew's all
  • 03:39: Malka ready here It can be like talking take the glue and crop residue and here we leave here and the opportunity to move That is now we adaptation get a very simple and very to effectively to draw lines place the measure google and say like this because there was another angle
  • 04:11: it would show how we We took our gas protractor and whether 110 degrees in the world this way is measured corners here and of all that to say hope videos you like and also put the huskies subscribe to goodbye