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  • 00:00: welcome this Video I'll tell you how to knit fishing net or blades for fishing networks for this we needed than could to network with knitting people on it thread or line, and need another pattern pattern It can be made either of plastic metal textolite important that it door dropping these were were parallel smoothed so that They did not have acute and edges and burrs fox look at
  • 00:31: network representatives seen such squares network cell the template will ask distance between two nearest sites wear it and will cell size Now I'll show you how to properly to wind thread on the line Shuttle's a github could have a sustainable the same with an extra hole We are preparing for this
  • 01:02: We take the thread and do loop also very protract Dress her up in the kernel to tighten it I do not interfere and more like produced transparent matt to introduce a shuttle one hand threading the enemy easily turn than he engages do loops we catch the other sides some of the same chiefs again
  • 01:32: We spend between rock overturn shuttle and clings loop for the core conduct between a rock and I turn back to the shuttle again like this We produce filament winding wrap as a person without problems passing your car necessarily
  • 02:05: turn his that there was no such overlaps this aside because if they junction with one side and sell it increase the width your hook and you It will be harder sure where We begin our knitting networks to start make small loop at the tip not a day than Makar a very small
  • 02:36: loop is needed for fastening thread's make children lining my to advance trained hard Now a strong hook then we need make another loop follow small size It can be a little more than template size extension do the second loop
  • 03:08: Now we take our line in the case ruler and We start typing we need whose amount which will be can provide us wider or the height of the future fabric networks this thread or fishing line carry over draw out the pattern behind with hook and Stocking put through we loop
  • 03:38: did the same when the choice is really numerator buy it tightens thread top of the template is she pulled templates to stop and then fix it position by I learned I bit uncomfortable sit on show gram and tie the knot we made it
  • 04:08: new loops Now this loops, we again tie from this question with the help of template, create another one loop threaded hook received early tion and tying Again node and tighten get another and a week here and so we produce a set of must be set loss cure to create a beginning for our future
  • 04:38: networking amount would we must choose yourself how you want Sands Network Smoke and 0 that the detainee Now I have to cross I show host as I see I do not know what they know much there nodes for visual networking but I do not know even as the called to hang out that plate I you show more in childhood I like the goat so I honestly Only his plate maybe it's a long time weave such
  • 05:09: Well you well-behaved proved itself Sydney stretches when knit this node and not give distortions networks and so to tie the knot take we sum up the template not one thread let in on top template encircle it around template and how to create a loop around the template more than they is threaded into the loop
  • 05:40: We stretch the thread down pull it over template thereby attract loop that top pattern in this place now because we We stretch the shuttle finger presses and thumb perederzhivanie now we stocking can be freely moving and tie assembly to cut himself take enter the shuttle around eyelets around these two
  • 06:10: extreme Right view 1 or 2 around them encircle once circled Now you need to enter between between first and second if the right to consider 2 we now have a finger if you remember there is a loop at the bottom, we Both spores and keep is threaded into the loop from top to bottom like this way shuttle here we get to
  • 06:43: this place has formed otvozim drag behind to beat down for canoe while quietly omit thumb large finger omit freeing up here this we petelechku pulled down and he tied bathroom I show once again no more songs is threaded into the loop throw on top hold the rope finger loop encircle
  • 07:14: the time is passed in loop 2 and is threaded into the which keep the loop fingers and pull down and release the loop which is held all finger assembly tied Well now I am gathering there needed the number of children for to tie on future network which I will be show first course knitting will go slowly hammer
  • 07:46: when the hand is natural beat hand it will all be be much faster especially with fishing line 6 is much easier Here the node that show when weave fishing line when tighten even I hear some click this when He says node closes fully internal council can if you give
  • 08:16: weave nylon the driver of the network after we wove them to sites You did not miss you can omit the network hot water 90 degrees is not necessarily boiling water hot water as you and know how rum hot water sits at the same site will be maximally drag himself would delay the loss aground and then unleash It is almost impossible Only if we after
  • 08:46: you typed imposed the necessary us the number of loops to raise a leading our networks get small is needed necessarily perform either rope use it tough track for on this opportunity and the stringing need to the reverse side the beginning of how to combine shuttle went here on
  • 09:17: which five need is a this side here, these we loops strung on a thread on rope that is string gently not to confuse sides of the smooth basically forces confuse nothing wrong with later at the beginning will be problems as being together can confused and more eaten align
  • 09:47: release of the Michetti that the master of a very so that's a mistake strung all Lyudka fix with the help of sounds of our loop here they were on first string loop which makes and large and can snow cut cut the rope will continue
  • 10:17: continue to weave already May of the rope on big and fat I also credit for hook and see that We already have you already clearly seen that the beginning of the network has already appeared cell that we continue get tied up real treatment we start doing it first tie first
  • 10:48: the first cell knot of and look very 2h and clip and so on up to end of the series all start
  • 11:43: weaving all networks It begins with this recruit necessary and the number of loops we do more First series 340 do now see if anything had very It was smooth Strait to when you accumulate a large the number of loops is here for 10 pieces they could be there History and 200 in mind and do not need to smooth to so easy to shot Here's an easy movement Now as you can see
  • 12:13: It was such a on a small network guests adore cars is faithful and Now I go out important
  • 13:21: moment when knitting any network is in a situation when you need to add number cells or subtract them it is necessary for knitting let's say in the casting just for knitting on circle or knitting let diminish It needs to be treated hang in the triangle ie the TV and sex as a triangle's Now I'll show you how it's done also say when we were binding cloth and
  • 13:52: kitted charged cells let's start with increase number of Cheney let's say ordered web and we decided that here on this cell we need to add Calixtus speeches and this You can do so way that cells do usual standard five cell
  • 14:22: and following attached tying will also here and then we than he could take, and again holding its same in the same cell that we have just per propleli attract exactly also a kind of tying as if we associate another Petelin exactly the same node then we tied then knit the remaining five have
  • 14:52: how to put here this way we added 1 larva the result will be visible Next referring to when I followed fresh tracks series and so far about We can now say you have such a situation what you need just the number cell subtract the number of things can one abated
  • 15:24: it is done in such a way stringing a loop that and you need the light on not for a second loop that is, we their at the same time there is no grandfather you see so herald passed through one through The parties will now also as a heater stretched on a template and knot Only now the knot conduct was not so destructive in the center when the last PWM Tina and we wiring
  • 15:54: We carry through the center directly from beatings to watch telly Wotan Center will eyelets through his conduct hook and loop them and knot we all has lowered so way number cells, we too results provide visibility in the next row when I find a well, then knit network as we need
  • 16:24: fled years to see them a place where Mubara cells can be seen that the two cells They are not related to one one node in this place all someone place it together it Center received that we has lowered one very well, but this place is the place where we have added not h fooled by defective new
  • 16:54: Collar many days a cell as it were, a loop a little further this diode the next row we knit in the loop and this river rarely, we do not note that these a special knit it as usual cell until this to this but now it the following code, and bind do you know how instead of where we
  • 17:31: Bates treat generally does not you will notice to knit normal cells as though at this point nothing happened as if you do not Bates cookies and now this place where we additions Now this petelechka little as which I say hello attached as a regular also threaded through a loop shuttle draws
  • 18:02: and it already knit nothing special binding differs this place too and then knit Five in a row as the supposed All that's how we
  • 18:41: knit Here you can see one added five one cell of some sort In any case it was the network such attacks, we add edema came another During such way here increased the amount of tea button address diminished and so now! see what we it turned out for a few minutes as the We have tied up
  • 19:11: small network with them we to rope them into the same happened small canvas for van and width and height of okay well, its length in this side can weave as you like History in thousands Lt as you enough patience so mesh is turned thanks for all
  • 19:41: review see my The following videos have They are considered as to weave a network of triangle TV how to weave casting hanging I'll see 4