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  • 00:00: this video I'm shooting for preparation for Conference I you enter with oil and I put no such boy means necessary will paint of the details of that is, I I did not paint petals I have it initially White to the conference on the other color you You can make any of white can also you can put toned go lemons krasochki here this
  • 00:31: of the stain and top pass necessary for you color if lead some is not bright remember him 33 pictures wire your long we do not need these can be cut 4 parts quality- stuff can be our petals then we need paint such cores of Square 5 of 5 sulfur velvet Long he
  • 01:01: comes not and velvet and very visible Well, an interesting textured material and then we take without I could humidification good to say the color cores of him tomnenkaya place someone burgundy will be cores of possible be if you do not
  • 01:33: will greatly stain the several visits you can paint it then it shall have been darker find on the wall or dark dark Purple Black is already in your discretion. must so dark from velvety material and should will paint here
  • 02:05: such a square for our green this someone very well removes all paint so it is also better decorate the dry but quickly brush should be enough high resolution here so if you start you want to get dark greens something like this is necessary It has a nice dry there is the beginning of the share he had in you all exit after drying will a bright paint it would be nice
  • 02:35: necessarily face to Mel's where we paint the police because that the material than close to it take the paint it take in a single layer cook on Two such conferences zagotovochki paper it is then that we squares of pasted passed on to dry paint over the entire
  • 03:09: turned viewed together with any and also dyed more just prepare more Here is such a body it can also directly square and so cut to size this our square therefore, the size of
  • 03:40: immediately cut off too gone green painted on if you decide to glue cut into squares at once put on pad then at two squares laid attached stapler between the teeth and straight on you nickname cut out they have to be without shelves and even then the pattern was not Unknown yet you must treasure them
  • 04:10: 44 Now this, too Zlatan and also here Green we are from He will make our base flower well which will strengthen buckle and sunset hide not close our joint leaves actually floats in we paint is not to end stain here so it is necessary to prepare
  • 04:44: do not forget if you colored petals paint the shelf 33 not for those who want to breather You want, you can to prepare more stamens we take these our point that They will be needed big promazyvayut center sticking the centimeter and the middle, and so fingers stifle clamped and glue mouse such a ride to You were in one stamens plane
  • 05:14: need as they dry poseredinke here they were cut here such here bundles have to do Daddy is leaving the here I have a lot their hip is 7 here You see a bunch of it and here's half such prokleivat. . It means that they have
  • 05:46: were the same with then there will be another type of awkward stick By the way extra means basically everything to meet on Friday