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  • 00:00: good afternoon friends My name is Alexandra Zaharchuk Today I want to show sewing Bakey processing edge blanket oblique Bakey I or sew it directly on the machine and tack advance bulavochkami reason it's foot see if I sew on the machine's This edge may here full stretch so I am very gently on the table
  • 00:31: I spread Bakey I come have fun watching it bulavochkami on distances cm 20 pin on pins we came to turn the corner I run to him at an angle 45 degrees and on the edge Blanket size than 5 to our little corner Here brushes turned pin up on bulavochkoy and get
  • 01:00: such plavnichok which over fix Now in this way
  • 01:37: we went to the edge of skooma wrap Bakey I smoothed so that's way was by the We again turnichok our klubnyachok hit just Reputation connection breaks
  • 02:02: we came to the end Bakey spread It should be noted here this line at the bottom Bakey here we have it marked reveal prolong and here in this side we have give two allowance the seam
  • 02:31: half centimeter design we have here these your to reunite turn machine them face-to-face
  • 03:00: connect machines
  • 03:36: nail straighten We need to start Bakey sew we can see the edge orderly Bake them little things less than one take a third width seam for those who there can be magnets
  • 04:00: can put
  • 04:45: comes to our takes place on area we it turns out here such here Page
  • 05:04: we develop our the interior of the direction of the cut see our grab cm 3, and we We completed all I rest processing I am doing on the front part like this
  • 05:30: I way around the bobbin for the last line I insert it monofilament transparent fishing line even if we will have any irregularities we did not notice them overturn our a blanket here I have not tack I spread like this is how the stove I install a little wider magnet
  • 06:01: blocking previous lines starting last bar in the manufacture of I products to the corner we straighten our Bakey Practicing and here in this way
  • 06:32: grow Now we look at that We get one give me a sec a couple of centimeters Now we look what we have to area now look You see the corner of the net monofilament our hardly see and after washing in general We did not notice this
  • 07:00: side trim Region from this side too neat edge we came up 2 corners again straighten Bakey stick Expand it They captured launched and sent all unnecessary inward we continue to work Now look at another
  • 07:30: and such look see we replace a little aloof but from the front of our very beautiful the same inlay and the angle of the rosary so we We come to the end
  • 08:00: our work end of line We go to the centimeter three cut off that's our job You see monofilament is next to the drink and for all
  • 08:32: about everything we have gone one and a half hours it will not and perry line quilt after washing after washing and the edge
  • 09:01: not Accustomed to live So you see it on her hardly see