Aleksandr Komarovskiy

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The milling machine from a drill  See details »



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  • 00:00: hi all how I only tested did not subject their homemade rack to drill drilled well 19 millimeters hole in the metal thereafter bored 2 mm drill rotated preform 70 centimeters long I applied in the door as a mixer today I am setting I want to put on Drill the nominal cutter from the router with shank 8 millimeters consolidation guides and workpiece very
  • 00:30: It proved to be so convenient I made It has not proved another opportunity gently lower and drill lift I tried working with cutter and other concluded that certainly not enough great speed spindle although as a drill draft works for lack router You can do so a router drill attached to rack in the following video, I
  • 01:00: instead tell you how mixer drill I hooked manual Thank you for your router attention until