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  • 00:00: Today copper Roma tell us why some clothes hip looks much wider than fact Stay tuned you will learn how not to avoid mistakes and make the figure for real harmonious hello Roma Hello Nadia you validity of rights using some garments hip widens volume and sometimes not simply loses its shape with the tips that we give today will concern not only girls with big hips but all others
  • 00:30: common mistakes that allow girl with big hips number one mistake a bright light downhill I would like to invite here Tatiana let so is not Join now Tanya wonderful striking up but for by light formless not for the beauty of the top It goes to the hips and is The first is a typical error which It allows women to large thighs Tanya prepared for you set that adorn themselves as they Hold go quickly
  • 01:01: change it should be noted that girls today so not very good gone not we ourselves specially dressed they are not very successful clothes to illustrated mistakes that allow many Ukrainian girl if you have a large hip in any case do not try to issued with a large shapeless skirt skirt should sit pretty tight but we will issue further a bit later talk and if I want to wear trousers actually pants this is the optimal replacement of the skirt if you rather large thigh many girls
  • 01:31: with big hips embarrassed to wear pants in the garage so they seem even more lace in fact it is not so if you have a large This hip pants absolutely your option on his trousers It has to be present arrow and pants are not You must be narrowed they should both be pillars dig into creating land silhouette of the stable have these pants still do not have any where swift full hip to they should be pretty free or even flared from hips and back Tatiana has dressed
  • 02:01: suitable option long suitable dark bottom Agent bright showy surely can not believe it's the same figure however statuette really still good and Now there are no errors Yes, we have chosen a more restrained and smooth in texture trousers We combine them with topom abundance ryushechek and it's visually, we extend upwardly and Pants must also not be light thanks Thank you Tatiana The following error
  • 02:31: which often allow women to I have full hips I would like to invite Natalia here for that illustrated second typical a mistake Natalia bright large floral pattern just literally we talked about that pants is the salvation for women who curvy hips and now error so if you you want to use any flower prints use them best top order to bring attention to the top part and the lower part still like to
  • 03:01: previous case should be more neutral I I picked for you Kit take as We are waiting for you in a couple of minutes and about choice of blouses Natasha not mistaken is such a pretty shapeless if choose not wide 100 if the top is the same latitude he visually make you more in any case, do not select loose blouses if you too wide hips, they make a figure Rectangular Well Well I invite Natasha back to a completely different
  • 03:31: Natasha we see quite another figure hips but they have not gone away they turned not just something formless of very piquant detail silhouette, and the thing that you saved the bottom it prints on clothes It applies not only to trousers and skirts, but if we We are talking about the full hips yes thanks Natasha thanks The following is a typical mistake in my opinion the following error on will help
  • 04:01: illustrate angel of angela sewn on Evening Dress evening gown does not It is an error for This large thighs case would pay attention to shiny texture presence lurex the presence of lycra all visually thighs expands punctuates them too much attention and deprives silhouette of a clear he structure It is becoming so formless The following error I would like to mark it shiny texture Angela I have prepared
  • 04:31: for you both evening dress, too too elegant, too, with spectacular lush bottom go disguised themselves forward you in a few minutes back too if you We are talking about brilliant evening dresses Toby Stars probably not Of course you do as someone who is a hollywood shine like extreme Left Chloe Kardashian we see that the dress brilliant flake Dress does not only hip visual wide generally makes the figure absolutely formless disproportionate
  • 05:01: absolutely yes and by the way beyonce her large hip but that it highlight is its feature it adds spice but this brilliant Dress completely gone then I completely gone up he became formless and it turns out we have silhouette sausage well, jennifer lopez usually she is able to once with his priests controlled and do its attractive and then some effect horror, and so if the hip wide and I want Smart someone like do what is right if you want
  • 05:31: use shining bright texture use Only these top part focuses tel aktsentiruete shoulders or accent at help shine belt if times are shining and centered black bear it visually Lew plot but not the image in general, and now we see how it It worked in the case of Angela Angela, I took were from excessive shine and we see that the silhouette we turned hourglass we remember that open shoulders at us always balance the hips thank you Angela
  • 06:02: great results yes indeed and smartness preserved and harmony present but I come back to sting I would like to invite Alevtina order that illustrated the following typical errors hello alevtina alevtina So the fourth error how do you call it, I I call it excessive decoration on the lower part it can be a decor skirt it can be decor trousers presence the presence of pockets contrasting elements availability
  • 06:32: bows quilling all only makes the hip especially in heavier combined with concise riding I I prepared for you another set with I opened a lot of skirt understand that fourth rule which is to learn owners of no lush hips decor elements on the level of the hips and even the admit a mistake some stars here we see beyonce Jennifer Lopez which carried away doll dresses with
  • 07:02: richly decorated bottom in one case a bubble another case is feathers and is in Otherwise thigh becomes even wider but even more here is a plus, we see that legs visually are building however if you do not very very large hips and not just large disproportion this zone you sometimes you can use this method to to make the legs a little country like we see the rules no elements at the level of decor It applies to both hips everyday and
  • 07:32: festive style to alevtina is ready to ask to us Yes alevtina returns it can be said quite another person we pay attention a little bit accentuated waist selecting a blouse with a scythe drapery and due that we have the whole mass thighs as if left up as if she tightened and lines thigh looks more elegantly than those pants and completely true image more dressy although still it can be count everyday and the pay attention to form leg
  • 08:02: we have a good thank you you big lift to have a nice day the following error on will help illustrated Alice Alice I'll ask it help you do the same thing only with on the other hand, many girls who trying to hide the hips choose exactly shapeless some great things with The volume at the expense of this only increases to really easy flying fabric makes
  • 08:32: silhouette more elegant but it the right to work if we would have been here all densely covered with thus it is desirable to oblique hangings for to to form the waist and Then it is easy to bottom really but looked easier If this dress silhouette you Mahina captured and under the breast too voluminous bottom It makes you a woman Head if you wide hips or in no way choose too voluminous dresses Alice as for all his previous assistants I I prepared for you better option
  • 09:02: Zhinkov wonderful style dress 60 Now we are about it talk turns 5 of the error shapeless clothes should and fifth Generally, if the hip wide it is not necessary hiding under clothes and wear a dress or skirt for a few oversized yes no in any case should not choose robes some super bulky coat some super voluminous overalls it is only the hip exaggerating bargaining focuses emphasize their dignity would have deficiencies have not
  • 09:32: It was anyway there is a one-two esteem if you Peter at large contrast with them surely waist It looks more select a winner Dress in the style of the 60's emphasizing's waist having a but as downhill free you variantik I read conceivable to Besides it's beautiful possible to because it and important in this season or wrong This silhouette is always in fashion same rules about not for a wide touch and jeans many girls with big bottom
  • 10:02: choose quite the same loose jeans skirt here we see several of tweezers that allow shorten the whole tissue volume in such jeans skirts thigh seem even more they only highlights for to hip seemed more careful you need jeans flared from the hip which snugly on top of and by hip we are extension if this present arrow if present slightly exaggerated flared below the knee is only It balances the thigh and makes the leg
  • 10:32: neater structure especially combined with the heel of the way heel is probably loyal weapon women whose lush hip to heel indeed the whole pulls the silhouette added growth and It makes the leg more to be embossed very careful when you really very large hips tonics heel will look not reliable select more stable forms and in a whole to pull the leg use tankette what trimmed to silhouette because on thin volume backwater always glasses
  • 11:02: exaggerate this one volume and I am confident that these shortcomings avoided in version that we Now I see duck I want to once again invite Alice how cute dress really enchantingly pay attention to gate boat that highlights feminine sloping shoulders we fully open our hands accentuated waist using the strap and overall image very light very they are romantic ponderous as he was before
  • 11:32: thank you very much charming dimple on his cheek and so we note if you have a large hip in any case do not choose the light bottom overly decorated with flowers with some contrasting elements and disable itself shiny elements on the area they draw attention to thighs makes them if visually wider You want to decorate yourself decorate the top part of e.g. take bright contrasting scarf
  • 12:02: counterbalances the bottom and make the figure more proportionate and remember that the bag you using his the image is too bright contrast to to balance figure wearing the bag it is at arm's length must counterbalance silhouette thanks to Roma Clothing can be friend and foe use tips Our expert and you stop ashamed of their wide hips and You will be proud own feminine curves youtube hello subscribe to our
  • 12:33: channel and will be the most the most stylish beautiful