Konstantin Nogin

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Nozzles on a drill, self-made.  See details »

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  • 00:27: head to head Drill factory but
  • 00:34: she did not impressive crumpled crushed nazhdachka decided to do their Such is the self-made pen has Turn off and here We need to modify cut jug
  • 01:00: To get here this take common rubber circle cut take cover from 5
  • 01:31: liter cans it will give our design more rigid structure
  • 02:00: this luminaire probably washer a concave washer but as we do here This eight dozen dress here here we remove the thread
  • 02:33: lest cranks nut easier disconnected Now tightens right now will show you how nazhdachku better to do Now the two halves to join us It turned out in the course of not in lifted up on the bullies course
  • 03:43: works great