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  • 00:00: Hello everyone who watching this video this video I want pokozalos drill very good quality somewhere in two weeks ago I was specialized Shop Bulgaria points that which trades power tool different, and there's one I the seller knows well, He knows what I need when I come I usually buy drill enough good quality I I try to buy and he advised here
  • 00:31: These drills are not buy says this is our new The novelty will appear here such firm threats as he explained I said that these cobalt drill very good drills stainless Steel but I naturally to Sample bought a a few pieces but also I tried them and I want to work say that these drill a very, very good quality very good drills
  • 01:01: stainless let drill itself look This drill excellent geometry very well the drills sharpened yet Once again a very well they bind stainless Steel on pack behind says that they Made in Spain, and I bought here 6 5 millimeters 4 millimeters and the whale
  • 01:30: family these drills and they worked perfectly c series stainless steel Well, let's move on Now the drilling the machine is not you see how they work will drill sheet stainless Steel Now I'll drill Drill 5 mm Here you'll see drill Now a stainless steel
  • 02:00: thickness 2 mm Now I have it drilled 3 millimeter drill Well drills very well here this stainless steel, not every drill will take it such viscous but also a bit like tempered very robust due now
  • 02:32: remove the excess so more so now will include
  • 03:18: Now you have seen how drill very well copes with stainless steel in general drills like Crude steel is very very good drill
  • 03:30: Now this company threats in general all I recommend to purchase everyone loved put this video huskies subscribe thank you to my feed for your attention