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  • 00:00: made from caramel and we have 120 for such objects we do corner Vise for lazy people each time not catching angle welding only to be attention interesting heads the standard is not sharp angle at the base
  • 00:31: if you take area with the radius You have to choose I began to take off time will run now! will be part of the risks it will look as we have here, too, with opening to it
  • 01:12: there could everything will boil the plate is made and the screw which will considered here positions are live with us can be clamped there are different sizes it is only 50 to 30 50 to 50 50 10 protection that we screw will quietly grove but our internal of the spirit over here we have a bracket with slit
  • 01:42: what should be inserted here such to wind up later on this bar but cuddle but to dress we are a doctor they support shaft if need be, I Drawings will deduce will soon be interested in this matter now we will cut thread and mount bar of drills on by themselves threaded here even chosen a chamfer
  • 02:14: better now possible calmly screws dealing cave is Now details we will do a basic Then take a look at wine village you so our response to, and part
  • 02:47: this is the place for welding It means two corners and sills and rhizome a square on the body which will run here made window which will rotate pressing hard will be inserted top carpenter
  • 03:17: sits down Now holes 13 more while ream can not and or will expand and I bet and have 13 here you need to get cut and under six so we will have to live and when this is the way
  • 03:48: currently only speak on the corner Now all these dimensions because then it all surfaces falling down so that exactly that's why how it works will be here on such a It will either be here as well compress it like this si let us work have to do stand here twist on here swivel stand really going to
  • 04:18: cut blank the screw body and axes here here respectively screw It will be turning work cut will likely only 4 and a half step well We show how to cut out pulled reference will point to
  • 04:48: go abut here again rivet screw destiny sliced how he will stand Makar We launched cleaned wife has now become vytochili screw it so
  • 05:40: it looks here under Eight now will the whole thing collect cathedral here I just creep here Drive the screw set see what succeed So
  • 07:34: small touch it shaft from the printer Now we will do good handle well here quickly made a pen and here in our clutches Basically from here such
  • 08:29: Here we have the pieces We get to grips different profiles even for all the lazy
  • 09:20: ARISING like so do nothing do what I said that I bungler here often finished and painted scissors and already have laid the floor Accounting lately I paint napryazhenka I have to paint paint and so present invention
  • 09:52: not yet painted to apologize here such here eyes They were made for Compression different pipes diameter up to 50 millimeters like this Now they look more
  • 10:31: one hack my collection