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  • 00:00: today we furnace Greek Ob is our way is the name of the cake St. Basil is the that neither is Christmas cake because the holy Vasily this is
  • 00:30: Greek grandfather frost hand this story cake very long interesting but today not about that for this we take the cake half half cups flour 1 cup half cup sugar fresh orange juice zest of one orange April 1 about brandy glass 3 persons separated natural proteins or yolks handful raisins and dried cranberry and nut on handful of walnuts or
  • 01:01: pecan almond or vanilla 180 grams sugar softened butter and 1 tea spoon baking powder We'll start with the fact that We will shake up proteins the proteins we as always we will shake up a pinch of salt and when we proteins
  • 01:37: we will rise foam but to add one sugar-third approximately one a third plug-in hand we Now a well-reduced remove to the side we need them As usual concert the next step we zheltochki should also beat well with rates of sugar at once I will add here the war and places mass should turn white increase in volume minus 2 times and following our cake
  • 02:09: introduce softened butter following here add fresh squeezed orange juice yak body and again all well stir then we have to Sift here mixed with baking powder and Again, all this horoshenechko mix
  • 02:39: smooth and uniform we are no longer here mixer of the scapula Gone proteins, not all right first half later and the remainder of the carefully wrap proteins that trace settled
  • 03:09: tests we were here a first portion of proteins We can be added here orange salt raisins and cranberries roasted walnuts walnuts or pecans that you I choose I do not know at I light it again horoshenechko knead and enter here the remaining proteins
  • 03:42: the dough is ready, we us It is his only to shift into a form Baking and greased with butter butter and sprinkled with flour form we have 26 cm the dough should say very very flavorful happened a little bit
  • 04:15: flatten Kirov Well now we left to put here the most important ingredient is Of course the same coin wrapped in foil we omit it and sprinkle on top almonds, and not only to this it was delicious and beautifully well and to
  • 04:46: little place to hide which dropped a coin We bake our cake in preheated to 180 degree oven about 40 to 50 minutes until the It will not be wooden we stick check does not dry needed exactly 50 minutes to to bring the cake to I check availability stick in the middle, completely dry I now leave him for 10 minutes so that it
  • 05:16: a little bit of Astana I will get him out of shape our cake into force Pete is willing, we him slightly prisypem icing sugar probably do not have any Single Family in Greece that would immediately after the so-called battle chimes not has cut to the traditional cake I hope that this by coin get to him that same coin that promises happiness for all this year and I wish you a successful baking
  • 05:46: Bon Appetit and to it in coins This year, I caught for you and brought you much happiness just as you You can carry