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  • 00:00: Hello girls today we are with you We will make a mask with a very intense hair loss that is, it is considered more than 100 hairs a day This mask can be repeat 2-3 times week While the results from the the mask will not be noticeable
  • 00:30: I this case I mask she liked because I noticed that from it as well as I other classes who showed you hair fall much less when when combing my and since it I make previously been warmed 2 tablespoons 2 tablespoons burdock oil you can use not necessary burdock can be take the usual vegetable oil ordinary olive butter Further, we need 1 egg yolk add him
  • 01:01: here one tablespoon such a spoon of honey more fluent it necessarily need also add here We start bit already stirring 1 teaspoon of juice lemon Next, you need to take
  • 01:32: one tablespoon any cosmetics buy mudpack Hair of any absolutely balm in my case is a mask Hair ripit also strengthen take one tablespoon spoon and perhaps most the main thing is we need one clove of garlic about grated on a fine grater or you can take the juice
  • 02:03: garlic 1 better Of course it is so it gives garlic Super effect from hair loss and also stimulates the growth of new hair may be replaced Of course on the dining room spoon of onion juice but onion juice you can and see my also another recipe I warn that smell is Mesa garlic only by wet or sweaty head
  • 02:33: effect lasts pretty long but the mask of it may be worth put on the full-length hair but I do I will not do I do not I will rub only Now the stern show that I will do for the whole length hair the entire length apply I will be the following composition I warmed 2 tablespoons spoon burdock Conventional oil and receive
  • 03:03: vitamin E in a drugstore he sold under called alpha tocopheryl acetate I take one teaspoonful spoon it's all good stir and nanoshu the entire length of hair all bye bye