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Knitting of a cap spokes a pattern "коса with тенью"

Knitting of a cap spokes a pattern "коса with тенью"  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to all who watching my channel and today I want to offer you Here's a tie hat with braid pattern shadow on the scope of the head 54 to 56 centimeters it we take a thread here so alpaca year somewhere half and the uterus needles 5 pieces Number Two with half a can take three He scored on spokes ninety six we loop around the circle knit elastic 2 2 then right at the loop
  • 00:31: we knit our pattern mainly to up the top of the main of the further gradually diminish loop if you I liked this cap Join now we will knit dial the spokes ninety six loops as a gain loops can look at my channel and partitioned them to take 4 spokes fifth needle and knit 4 gum 2 on 2 gum 2 2 need
  • 01:00: dial number which loops stood out for 4 so like pattern rapport in We gum is 2 of facial and 2 backstitches loops February 1 loop 2 will facial 1 front and second face the following 2 loop 2 and backstitches as alternate to the end the series 2 face 2
  • 01:35: 2 facial backstitches Now knit until the end this number up here that thread again second row we were binding again at Figure 2 2 facial backstitches knit somewhere 5 centimeters rezinochki can to link more then a You will gum podvorachivaetsja
  • 02:02: we linked gum grandfather, we've got 15 rows of floor and knit our review of the first five series we'll knit only facial loops in the first we add a number You will loop the loop add first front loop here here here here first each first face We take a needle and enter needle into the loop previous row's
  • 02:31: here and is knitted loop and further provyazyvaem 1 and 2 the front again here we go 2 purl we were binding facial previous cap, we just pulled loop like this in this we will try to cap second means
  • 03:00: adding the loops eat from loops previous row grab the thread at we get a loop and also the front and provyazyvaem but purl 2 facial Again we face from 1 front we add loop 2 and provyazyvaem facial and so we were binding
  • 03:32: before the end of this series I add the loop The following 4 rows we just knit facial loops we tied 5 rows facial loops at this first series we added loops we now have the spokes 120 loops and more is 6 and the sixth a number of us need additional borehole for additional we remove the needle first four loops January 2
  • 04:02: April 3, and leave them for The following operation 4 loop we provyazyvaem facial loops 1 2 3 4 return of extra spokes 4 loop on the left needle
  • 04:34: and their provyazyvaem also facial loops 1 2 3 4 4 and even facial and again we pattern repeats again shooting 44 loops
  • 05:00: for additional needle and leave them the work 2 3 4 We leave for work and a further 4 loops knit facial loops 1 2 3 4 returning 4 loops on left needle
  • 05:35: and their provyazyvaem facial loops 4 facial So again reiterate pattern again remove 4 for additional needle and reserve
  • 06:02: ie we work knit until the end 6 of our series we will 6 series is now tied 7 1 of 3 row we were binding facial loops take the needle and this series provyazyvaem facial and all subsequent ranks
  • 06:39: knit to the end 11 linked in series our view dasa we are number 12 the last row we We take the needle knit 4 facial loop Dasha on
  • 07:00: additional needle we remove 4 hinge 1 2 3 4 We leave them to work next 4 loops we provyazyvaem facial 2 3 4 return of extra spokes loop on the left needle and also provyazyvaem facial loops
  • 07:43: and again 4 facial pattern again next 4 loops shoot at additional needle and leave them in front
  • 08:01: The following operation 4 loop provyazyvaem facial return not provyazyvaem facial loops
  • 08:38: and so knit to the end this series next number 13 number starting with first row, and so knit somewhere 13 centimeters houses cats even we are decrease bound the main part caps where some 13 centimeters Here we will gum
  • 09:01: He begins to diminish Now I have a loop on Figure 12 in a series twelfth row I I will diminish by 2 loop each repeat of the pattern the first needle and Figure 4 we are facial to 2 3 4
  • 09:30: 4 more rest we shoot on face additional needle 1 2 3 4 and leave them before work we face the next 2 provyazyvaem together and 2 facial and so we
  • 10:02: here one has lowered loop returns 4 facial loops on left needle and here is the same first 2 facial loop we together provyazyvaem 2 front and back
  • 10:31: repeat pattern 4 facial 2 3 4 on the facial again to remove additional needle 4 loops and leave them in front The following work 2 loop we provyazyvaem together in face 2
  • 11:07: returns 4 loops on left needle and two provyazyvaem together following 2 facial and so We repeat this pattern
  • 11:30: until the end of our next 12 the following 5 series and we face provyazyvaem without we subtraction Knit 5 row after our and subtraction Now we each rapport left on 10 hinges on us It is the sixth of a series of Figure 4 we shoot hinges on additional needle
  • 12:06: We do not leave them behind work and then knit facial 3 1 2 3 return loop, extra spokes
  • 12:40: and diminish in the 1 st each repeat 2 facial provyazyvaem unwrap them and provyazyvaem two together facial 2
  • 13:08: Here we have three facial goes on Figure 1 2 3 even we are The following decrease this is our go third already decrease shame 12 is a series where we you hurt and two hinges 3
  • 13:32: we face provyazyvaem since rapport pattern we already consists of 9 loops on February 3 following 3 loops we shoot on additional needle and leave them in front work 2 and 3 leave them to work the next 2 sts, we provyazyvaem together
  • 14:01: 1 front return the 3 loops on the left needle here as 2 facial provyazyvaem together and 1 face those. in this report We have lowered the two loops 3 again facial 1 2 3 remove facial 3
  • 14:30: hinges on additional needle old before their 2 operation following provyazyvaem together and 1 front hinges return 2 and provyazyvaem 2 face together 1
  • 15:02: front so knit up end of the series the next 5 series without subtraction after the last subtraction we tied five rows are now we've got 7 loops in each rapport 7 loops and now We will be going recently, decrease by the pattern of this we first row, we loop 3 remove and reserve
  • 15:30: for their work then knit the two facial refund 3 facial loops on left needle 3 facial provyazyvaem together 1
  • 16:02: front so we here one has lowered loop 2 and so personal we were binding until the end of this series we will finished and decrease after the last subtraction we have We walked one row facial loops Now gently We take out the needle
  • 16:30: take the hook and stretch yarn through the loop grab the thread and through the loop stretch out
  • 17:03: again carefully remove the loop, enter in a loop hook grab the thread and We stretch through these loop again carefully remove the needle
  • 17:34: The following sleep so neatly on circle not stretch through the next loop
  • 18:01: sleep so until the end of the circle, we we stretch stretched thread through the loops and Now cut off the thread we need hide seamy side gut-wrenching cap
  • 18:33: well addictive and fix this thread this thread can be hide crocheted neatly We hide it
  • 19:33: Now almost all Now we hid Here, too, we need we hide the thread too neatly hide
  • 20:11: all cap our almost ready to hid our cap
  • 20:32: that if you like cap put the huskies subscribe to my channel until all