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  • 00:01: Hello this I want to show the video you how to tie a pattern so let's say skin for any goods and if you like it all pleasant view So we begin to to us tie a uzorchik first we need to cook respectively any knitted let's say products I'm here at the moment provyazyvaem two rows
  • 00:30: columns with sc that is, you is it It may already be ready any the thing that's then I take the first one air lifting loop and further in the first loop I provyazyvayu column then normal provyazyvayu chain of stitches 1 2 3 4
  • 01:01: 5 etc. I miss in the 2 of her three loops and about once in a quarter regular column Further a number again provyazyvayu same a way that is just two three air May 4 loops missing in
  • 01:30: the knitting 1 2 3 4 provyazyvayu column once again spilled two three air May 4 loops and one-two-three missed 4 pro one-time pillar of such I see a a number to the end again to finish We will have a number of in this way you to stop
  • 02:01: at the bar here I was at call not fully because I will have to fantasize so the number of loops that I remains and I a little bit like the there I was knitting just the number of eyes eyelets that is you stay at most bars etc. knit the next row This 3 aerial loops rise and turn over their knitting
  • 02:31: Further knit two aerial loops then knit plain bar we were binding it But in this the arches there is just such a fashion knit We will continue to knit 9 columns with sc but in the next arch and make sc provyazyvaem first
  • 03:00: column with sc 2 more in the same manner 3 Quartet
  • 03:30: further 5 6 so I You will need to knit three column gray 8 and the last 9 and here is such a veerochek we obtained
  • 04:03: knit a regular column already in the next five loops of the previous row that is, there he is column knit then again we do 5 stitches 1 2 3 4 5 next to the arch our building of previous row provyazyvaem column
  • 04:33: Further knit again 5 stitches 1 2 3 4 5 with a lot of the following arch knit plain column knit later in the same over arch next will knit the exact same veerochek here of 9 columns with one
  • 05:00: sc ie We do nakida and knit 1 2 to face 4 5 6 7
  • 05:32: 8 9 Now that we have already I get further hope that it of course have able to knit this number to the end but I We will not say so So I get involved provyazyvayu following arch as I need for my column and shemku
  • 06:04: I further provyazyvayu 2 aerial loops I end up waste number and provyazyvayu column with a sc following arch and thus the I have a number of further we continue to knit Next the third row We make the air lifting loop turn our knitting and in the same
  • 06:31: the first loop where It was knit from the last number of the column with sc insert the hook and provyazyvaem column usually in this way we will further provyazyvat each loop of 9 columns with sc of the last row 9 columns with sc that is exactly the same
  • 07:01: we do sc inserted into the first loop hook provyazyvaem post with sc knit further We do one air We do loop and sc next loop 2 again provyazyvaem column with sc again alone on the ice sleep and the next loop again column again so way repeat
  • 07:31: mung bean crochet a until the end of the year veerochek that we obtain 9 bars so we already we knit knit 3 4 air 5 gas box 6
  • 08:01: airily gray again air Collar July 2 Air and last 9 bar with sc knit about knitting
  • 08:31: we have the same lesson you should obtained further in the following arch from 5 air loops provyazyvaem regular column again we are doing just two three air May 4 loops and under following arch, too provyazyvaem regular column again We repeat the same Only the most veerochek
  • 09:00: already here on this side that is, again, the first loop provyazyvaem post with sc air vyvyazyvayut the second loop column with sc Again airbag 3 air 4th Air
  • 09:31: 5 air Air 7 back Air further 8 Air and last 9 bar with sc it turns out like this here we have the ARC
  • 10:02: end our building our range that is we provyazyvaem regular column in this that's way and do one air loop , expand its crochet and will provyazyvat next and so the next row is knitted thus nocturnal made one air loop recovery Further, we at the bar Lake we knit in last row
  • 10:30: insert the hook ie in the first absolutely first most loop and provyazyvaem column further provyazyvaem and himself with a column sc that we I was in the past a number of column insert the hook in loop and provyazyvaem normal the same column further under air
  • 11:01: loop again provyazyvaem column again with a column sc provyazyvaem column again by air loop he column Further knitting air 4 loop 2 3 4 and
  • 11:32: provyazyvaem under air loop the same column thus we formed here such Now widget below again the usual knit bollards column with sc air bar with sc and then again
  • 12:00: knit repeat 1 2 3 4 aerial loops and under air loop our Vera knit column Further knit again column column more under the air further column
  • 12:30: and then knit 4 Air loop 2 3 4 and under the air again loop provyazyvaem regular column then again before the end of knit these same ie columns Again column Vera then from air later in column
  • 13:05: that is, after we knit here these Here are 4 air we loops provyazyvaem 1 2 3 4 column and go already knit the same bars but here this here arch that goes from our next small so we provyazyvaem first then column provyazyvaem 4
  • 13:31: aerial loops and provyazyvaem in the same arch three normal poster that is, insert the hook again provyazyvaem first column 2 and 3 again two or three times four air loops in the same most arochki
  • 14:00: small provyazyvayu column again and we It has to be obtained here so here are three such pimpochki will a large horde that's on the small only 2 provyazyvaem 5 ie columns column with 1 sc a second air
  • 14:32: column 3 4 under the air and column 5 further knit 4 Air 1 2 3 4 one-two-three-four yes further under air mind about going to bed the column further into himself
  • 15:01: column with sc provyazyvaem then under air then column and then knit 4 Air-two-three four again under air provyazyvaem column he column provyazyvaem air bar and
  • 15:33: Again knit 4 Air 1 2 3 4 and again by air provyazyvaya column Further respective column again under air and again column ie This pattern is already our ends this number we end that way we have from the last
  • 16:00: knit column So I was in it I insert the hook and conventional column finish that is, we get here such a