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  • 00:00: don't be like oh hey lazy scrappers I mean happy scrappers I hope you enjoyed
  • 00:59: a little bit of MTV and today we've been making and altered birdhouse the supplies you need to make this altered birdhouse is number one any kind of recycled boxes so in my house we take a lot of supplements so there's a lot of recycled boxes in my house so I think I would take this one we should suppose with a super duper vitamin C but seriously doesn't matter what kind of box that you're using really Kosuke me
  • 01:30: all covered up the pattern paper the next I'm gonna use I'm recycled is this it's my wedding invitation card I had a whole lot left over from printing us the printers printed extra inside is blank but you know there was a pearlescent paper with the breathing's and all that to bet out and yeah so I'm going to use this but seriously you can use any kind of card stock yeah so don't worry about it so but anyway I'm just recycling that and then you can use to cover up you
  • 02:00: know all this recycled stuff your choice of pattern paper and I've decided to go for this view fool flowery gorgeous prima just some French script prima from the Medellin collection so I love that and I got a few stacks of this that's how much I loved it so I took some of the papers out that I want to use for this
  • 02:30: birdhouse okay so let's start okay I end up using this box because I tore the other box while I tried to open it up so I'm putting on you do you need to open it up and then I realize my box is a little bit too long for my bird birdhouse I just want it just to be a little bit shorter so I'm going to snip off the top probably about one inch so I can make my box so this box is about
  • 03:02: five inches long and I just want to make it about four inches on me so I'm using the grid lines on my cutting mat to guide me on a straight line to cut so the next thing I do is to decide where is the front of my birdhouse and it's like that this should be my front so I'm gonna make the two walls for to attach the roof and the walls needs to be the
  • 03:32: same size as the front of your house so s so I'm gonna make two walls one for the front one for the back and the walls needs to be the same size so I've measured this to be about three inches so that's what I've done on my wedding card stock I have measured three inches and then what I've done I measured from the top to about here is about 1 and 7/8 of an inch so this this height and then
  • 04:02: I went to find my middle point so using my Tim Holtz ruler so I found my middle point here it is now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my needle point and I'm going to draw a line right here and then again from this intersection here I'm going to draw a line up to my middle point now at this point don't cut yet because I'm going to
  • 04:34: make a flap so go make a flap I'm using this vertical lines that is our horizontal lines that is on the Tim Holtz ruler and I think I made the flat probably about slightly smaller than half an inch and I think it's good to go and I'm ready to cut now once I've cut it I'm going to measure where the top is
  • 05:07: where the top is I'm going to measure is going to line up against my wall so I'm going to measure the length and it's about 4 inches so I'm going to measure so I'm going to measure from here to the bottom from here to the bottom should be about 4 inches now that I've snipped this I'm going to measure it across my box just to make sure just to make sure it's nicely aligned from this end to
  • 05:37: this end and once I'm happy with this the next part I'm going to do another one so I need to do one more four so this is for the front and then you do one more for the back and I don't have to do any more measuring because I'm going to use this as my template and trace it against my cardstock the next part is sticking the walls to
  • 06:09: the back of the box and the front of the box so doesn't know to be careful for the flaps when you actually copying the this template out to the other side you will realize that the flap needs to be on the opposite direction so as you can see this is the outside of the card and this is the inside of the card because I turn the flap the other way around so then the roof will connect here to here so which you will see in the next part
  • 06:39: of video so I'm just sticking this down with double-sided tape so I make sure when I'm sticking it down I meet this pot here perfectly aligned with the top of the box and again this part here perfectly aligned with the top of the box now you're ready to cover this with pattern paper and what I've done all you need to do is basically
  • 07:12: trace it out so obviously this is not long enough to cover the entire box so I'm going to do it in sections like this yeah things I'm going to do so even though it's not flowing okay let me figure it out and I'll get back to you okay so in the end I decided that I will use this paper as just for the three three walls and then for the front I'll use another set of papers so what I've
  • 07:42: done was I just took this the box as a template and then trace it out over the patterned paper and then I will get this what I did is an option as well was I use my spell binders and I basically use the third smallest one for my spell binder standard circles large and and I cut through first I cut through this hole and then I cut through again this paper so this is optional it's kind of
  • 08:12: really tough because Spellbinders doesn't really cut very well through thick chipboard so I really depends again on your box how thick it is and then I also took a scallop circle and I also cut across here so then it will make for a very nice and cute window and what I like to do as well is that I always like to paint my my board and I used my acrylic teams basically I was just trying to make a color which was similar to a color like this and then
  • 08:43: just paint it all across the side of my chip board so then when I covered it paper the sites too is exposed but then you will expose a color rather than just a plain plain white so I'm going to adhere this papers to my board we can wet you see and then next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to do the same thing for but the same thing but to cover the
  • 09:13: inside of the of the box with pattern paper as well by just tracing by just tracing it out on a pattern paper so now that I've already did the heart bit which is covering practically the entire box with patterned paper and I've sealed it in and you can see here's my flaps and then again I did and this is from my wedding as well from my omaha wedding cards left over so I really had
  • 09:45: a lot of reading cards left over and I'm sorry I recycled it and I use this as also part of my roof so the roof is basically going to paste on the flaps here the two flaps here and then later our tire string so I think I measured the roof to be about say half an inch a bit more than half an inch bigger dent the the base all around so slightly more than half an inch bigger as you can see
  • 10:19: and let's see okay so now here's the fun part I brought out my decorations which is my beautiful I am roses some laces as well next okay so I have some laces here and I think I would use this lace and some other laces here as well and I tied it on a toilet on the severe roll that I have and some toast Emmet's
  • 10:52: that I got from a wedding shop and also just to let you know I stamp this with on a transparency with this one with this stem from my Teta angels stem and I used this one so S marine Smith okay so let's do the and start decorating don't be like oh I'm
  • 11:24: gonna kick me oh yes don't be like anything nothing at all tomorrow wake up
  • 12:34: just you hard core Pilates find a really nice guy have a really nice stuff he's in a scream I'll see you later see you later yeah and my mess around and get my college degree then my own man will be so proud of me sorry pops you'll just have to wait oh yes
  • 13:07: like No
  • 13:42: yeah don't feel like hi there so I really hope that you enjoy the little tutorial
  • 14:20: and the MTV intro that I have tried to put together for you uh-huh I just thought was a little bit fun to do and let me know whether you have you ever felt that no matter how lazy you feel you're never ever lazy to scrap so thumbs up if it will feel that way so if you have already read the description box below you will know that this recycled project is for a giveaway
  • 14:51: contest that Rebecca is hosting on her cross dot cupcake channel and I'll put the information of her giveaway contest below so please do check her out she has awesome gorgeous projects as well so just to recap sure what I've done is I have turned this supplements boxes and you can do the same it doesn't have a supplement box can be any other elongated kind of box and you can use Inc some cards that you have leftover
  • 15:24: probably from 10 years ago Christmas Easter birthdays and you're just not willing to throw it away you want to do something with it yes you can do this and turn it into something like this and if you're a birdhouse lover and this is great for you know like a gift box what you can do is that here is the ribbon which I attached and if you open the ribbon right here you can actually put
  • 15:57: like your gift stuff inside here you know where the bulges pawns carts you know whatever you know just use your imagination so I really hope that you enjoy this and and how the contest is going to be won if I remember correctly Rebecca's going to check out the videos and basically see the comments and responses for each of the videos so if you really um love brick
  • 16:28: houses or you love the lazy song or you love I am roses please do give a thumbs up sign and I really appreciate your comments below as well I've read every comment that you have gave me and I super appreciate it I've read every single one of them so the end of the time limit or the last day for living comments and the sign for this video would be October 2nd so I really really
  • 17:00: appreciate yeah just just drop by say hello or even if you love the lazy song haha leave some comments and thank you so much ladies for watching and for all your support I tremendously I really encourage in touch so yes I know I where no no no